RV Community & the Coronavirus

We are living in a challenging time.  There’s a full range of opinions and feelings scattered throughout the RV community. In social media channels, it appears the majority are hopeful, and that’s where Workamper News resides as well. We’re all hopeful for a turnaround and successful summer Workamping season, even if it begins a bit […]

The Sugar Beet Harvest from a Workamper’s POV

This week’s blog is taken from the March\April 2017 issue of Workamper News magazine. This article comes from an issue of Workamper News magazine. COPYRIGHT by Workamper News. IT IS A VIOLATION OF U.S. COPYRIGHT LAW TO PUBLISH, POST, BROADCAST OR PHOTOCOPY ANY PORTION OF THIS PUBLICATION. For the most part, there doesn’t seem to […]

Workamping in the US – Part 4 – Amusement Parks

This week’s blog is taken from the November/December issue of Workamper News magazine from 2015. This issue was on Workamping in America’s amusement parks. There are articles on Darien Lake in Darien Center, NY and Story Land in Glen, NH. But the one I want to share today is about one of the oldest & […]

Workamping in the US – Part 3 – Solos

This week’s story is from the March/April 2018 issue of Workamper News magazine, which was dedicated to Solo Workampers! Diamond and Platinum members, you have access to this issue in the online archive at Workamper News. This article comes from an issue of Workamper News magazine. COPYRIGHT by Workamper News. IT IS A VIOLATION OF […]

Workamping in the US – Part 2 – Nevada

This week’s blog is about a Workamping job that is not so ordinary. I have pulled an article from our May/June 2017 issue submitted by Mike Finke. Some of the photos were provided by the author, Mike Finke. Some were provided by the Clark County Shooting Complex. This article comes from an issue of Workamper […]

Workamping in the US – Part 1 – Alaska

This series will take you back to different issues of our magazines throughout the last few years. Some of the blog posts will be about Workamping in CA state parks, solo Workamping, Alaska, along with not so typical Workamping jobs. Let’s start with Alaska! Did you know you can Workamp in Alaska too? Be sure […]

What Does It Really Cost To RV Full Time?

This is a big question with so many different answers. It can range from really expensive to really cheap. It all depends on your lifestyle. We have collected a few videos off YouTube to share with you. Remember, this is only their costs. Not everyone’s will be the same. Some will be more and some […]

The Workamper Show

This week’s blog is all about the Workamper Show! What’s the Workamper Show? Well, I’m glad you asked! It’s a podcast devoted to helping you discover how to finance your RV travel dreams! We publish a new episode weekly. Each episode includes an interview with a Workamper, Employer, or other person involved with the RV […]

FAQs of Workamping

The Who, What, Where, How, & Why of Workamping. Today we have compiled a few FAQs from our website to help you understand and learn about Workamping! What is Workamping? There are a few misconceptions about who Workampers are and what Workamping is. The most common misconceptions are that Workampers are retirees who work in […]

How to Start Downsizing

Some of you may be in the downsizing phase and will be ready to go full time in just a few short months or weeks even! Here are some tips to help you get started and to finish up the daunting task of getting rid of all that stuff! Sentimentals Yes, you have sentimental items […]