The Podcast Workampers & RVers Are Listening To

Love RVing & Workamping? Like to listen to podcasts? We got you covered! Subscribe to THE WORKAMPER SHOW podcast in your favorite streaming app, or listen free at Sharing great stories and jobs for Workampers consistently since 2019. Over 150 episodes to enjoy! Listen in while you’re driving down the road, cleaning the RV, […]

Five Facts About Volunteer Workamping

Volunteering is one way to Workamp. It can have many rewards for those who choose to give of their time and efforts to an organization. For us, volunteering has given us an RV site and special experiences. by Jaimie Hall Bruzenak This article comes from an issue of Workamper News magazine. COPYRIGHT by Workamper News. […]

New Featured Employers at

Some Workamper Employers have taken an extra step to provide more information about the Workamping opportunities the offer by creating a Featured Employer page. Among the Featured Employers, you’ll find volunteer positions in trade for RV site, career-like compensation, short-term and longer-term positions, and everything in-between! Be sure to peruse these pages when searching for […]

Winter Workamping

“How can I find a Workamping position in the winter?” is a question we hear often. Positions aren’t as plentiful in the winter since many Workamper employers in the northern part of the U.S. close their operations. Typically, in winter, travelers go where the weather is nicer, but in a much smaller geographic area. Thus, […]

5 Reasons to Avoid Facebook in Your Workamper Job Search

Sure, everyone likes “free” things, but “free” usually comes with a tradeoff… Thanks to the Internet, there are many ways to go about finding and researching Workamping jobs, but as the popularity of Workamping expands, so too does the amount of effort one must put forth to review it all. Dozens of Facebook groups geared […]

Waiting to Hear…from a Workamper Employer

Be patient. Workamper Bob and Anne sent out 35 resumes. Initially only five responded. It took awhile, but they eventually began hearing back from those employers. The hiring process can take a while. Give it time to work. by Jaimie Hall Bruzenak This article comes from an issue of Workamper News magazine. COPYRIGHT by Workamper […]

Avoiding the Bait & Switch in Workamping

Workampers use this term to indicate that an Employer promised one thing, but then changed it when they arrived. In some cases, deception is involved so it can be rightfully called “bait and switch.” Other cases are less clear cut. by Jaimie Hall Bruzenak This article comes from an issue of Workamper News magazine. COPYRIGHT […]

The Best Workamping Toolkit

Workamper News has been the #1 resource for Workamping for over 34 years! Our mission is to help great people find great jobs in great places while living the RV lifestyle. We succeed in our mission through a variety of tools on the Workamper News website: Magazine Each issue is full of job opportunity […]

Experienced Workampers Share Advice for New Work Campers

The Workamping community is a great one. RVers in general are often always willing to help others. We regularly share tips and pose questions in our Workamping Today Facebook Group and the Workamper News Facebook Page. Recently, we asked experienced Workampers to share one piece of advice to those who are dreaming of the Workamping […]

Empowering Your Resume — a Key Tool in Your Workamper Marketing Tool Kit

An important part of your marketing tool kit is your resume. A resume is a one-page summary of what you have to offer the employer. Its purpose is to get you a job interview. You want to highlight your skills, abilities and experience that will attract the employer’s attention. by Jaimie Hall Bruzenak This article […]