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Top 5 Reasons to Be a Workamper

Workamping / Work camping is doing any kind of part-time or full-time work while living in an RV. It’s that simple! And it encompasses quite a variety of opportunities and experiences. Everyone’s reason to dream about, start, and continue Workamping is different. But after 33 years of helping Workampers and getting to know them, here […]

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More Horsepower, Higher Power

Trading saddlebags for bucket seats. By Workamper Chaplain Robert N. Ruesch In former times, pastors rode by saddleback from one church to another and were called circuit rider preachers; the lifestyle was lonely and difficult.  The preachers or saddlebag pastors traveled with scarcely any possessions, carrying only what could fit in their saddlebags. These preachers […]

Doing the Math on a Workamping Job

When evaluating a compensation package for a Workamping job, it can sometimes be tricky to determine the overall value of what you’re getting for your time and effort. Let’s explore a few options to better understand whether the job is worth the compensation received. This article comes from an issue of Workamper News magazine. COPYRIGHT […]

Workampers ready for action at NTCC

Workampers Save the Day at NTCC

Written by Workamper Robin Buck February 10-17, 2021, two major storms had a widespread impact across the US and especially in the state of Texas.  Governor Greg Abbot declared a state of emergency for all of Texas’ 254 counties in response to the severe winter weather.  Mass power outages, frozen and broken water lines, water […]

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Workamper Job Details Revealed in These Jobinars

Workamper News has coined the word “Jobinar” to describe an online webinar where Employers share all of the details of their Workamper opportunities to interested potential Workampers from anywhere live!  Workampers who attend these free webinars can submit questions to be answered by the presenting Employer. It’s a great way to learn more to help […]

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Workamping in 2021 is Full Speed Ahead

It’s been almost a year since uncertainty started to rock our world. As 2021 begins, many are looking positively to the future, and the Workamping community is no exception. RVs Are The New Hot Trend From an article at RVNews.com – “RVIA expects wholesale RV shipments to gain 20 percent in 2021, according to the […]

Workamper taking reservations at campground office

Day in the Life – Working at a Campground

In the new March/April 2021 issue of Workamper News magazine, Henley’s Happy Trails shares about what it’s like to Workamp at a small campground – working in the office and outside maintenance. Also in this new issue – Utah: A Vast Wonderland of Beauty & Recreation There are few states with as much beauty packed […]

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Who’s The Boss?

What do most people mention as the number one reason why they are unhappy in their job or leave their position? Their boss. Yet how many of us consider this when looking for a job? How can you find out about your supervisor before accepting a position?

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Managing Your Manager

Some bosses are too nice. Is that possible? Yes, if co-workers are taking advantage of him or not doing their job and the boss won’t speak up. If one worker doesn’t do an assigned task or does a poor job, it can make your Workamping job harder. This article comes from an issue of Workamper […]

Workamping With an Ocean View

When it comes up in conversation that you’re heading to the coast of Oregon, you’ll be met with a slew of adjectives. “It’s the best/prettiest/nicest coast in the U.S.!” they’ll say. And after visiting it, you’ll likely find yourself thinking the same. This article comes from an issue of Workamper News magazine. COPYRIGHT by Workamper […]