Workamping Opportunity with Adventureland Resort

This week’s blog is from a previous podcast The Workamper Show hosted by Greg Gerber last fall.

Adventureland is one of our Featured Employers as well and you can find more about applying to Adventureland and other Featured Employers here.

This podcast episode looks at one way Workampers can help people have fun and make memories. It features an interview with three people from Adventureland Resort near Des Moines, Iowa.

Adventureland is a family-owned and operated theme park that features more than 100 rides, shows and attractions. It offers everything from roller coasters and kiddie rides to a full-size waterpark and live entertainment. It also has a campground and several retail stores as well as food service options.

Adventureland hires lots of Workampers every year for a variety of positions. In retail, Workampers check out customers and stock merchandise. They assist in operating the rides and run some of the games. They also work as cooks, food prep workers and servers. Some specialized jobs include lifeguards and first aid professionals

Bri Fors is the human resources coordinator who hires all of the Workampers. She is joined by two people who spent the summer working at Adventureland, Sherry Hicks and Lou Axt.

Bri describes all the jobs Workampers can perform, and she outlines the benefits and perks of working at the park. Sherry and Lou describe their experience working at the park.

It can be tremendously rewarding to help people have a good time and make memories of their own.

Working at places like Adventureland must be a lot of fun, too. People are on vacation. They are happy, eager to have a good time and to enjoy an adventure.

It was interesting to hear about the Adventureland experience from the perspective of Bri Fors, Sherry Hicks and Lou Axt.

This would be an excellent summer job for families with teenagers who are looking for more opportunities to socialize with people their own age. Mom, dad and the teens can work helping others have fun, then enjoy the park amenities themselves.

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It’s a fun-family owned business, and we encourage everyone to check it out today.

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