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The Workamper Show Podcast strives to build your dream of living the RV & Workamping / Workcamping lifestyle through inspiration, motivation, and education. It also opens the door to many different Workamping jobs available to people living in an RV part-time or full-time who desire to work while camping.

New episode every Tuesday. Each episode is 25-60 minutes in length, giving you thorough, helpful information and stories – not just little quips and host ramblings. Episodes are recorded shortly before being broadcast (we don’t reuse recordings from years ago), so you know what you’re hearing is up-to-date info!

This podcast is presented by us, Workamper News – creator of the term “Workamping.” We’ve been helping RVers find great jobs in great places since 1987.

Produced and hosted by Greg Gerber, this podcast will entertain and educate you with the personal stories of people in the RV & Workamping community.

Some of the different topics discussed include:

  • working while RV camping (Workamping!)
  • different jobs for Work Campers
  • fulltime RVing
  • solo Workamping
  • different types of RVs
  • camp hosting
  • volunteering
  • income opportunities
  • how to find a job
  • operating a small business on the road
  • RV travel with pets
  • health insurance options for RVers
  • maintaining positive relationships on the road
  • staying active after retirement
  • making money on the road
  • RV maintenance and advice
  • and much more!

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