Confirmed – Workamper News is Helping People See America…One Job at a Time

Straight from the Workampers themselves…here are a few people that have told us just how Workamper News is helping them live the life of Freedom.

We are last minute planners. Which means when the season is nearly at an end at your current camp hosting position and you still have not secured a place to stay afterwards, there is no time to waste. This is what led to us upgrading our Workamper membership. We needed opportunities fast and were looking for something in Florida, which as most of you know, are highly sought-after winter positions. We upgraded and started stalking every email and every position that came in. After a few sent resumes and the anxiety levels slowly increasing, we finally saw the posting for City Lickers Inc. in Fort Pierce Florida! I sent in our resume and hoped for the best! Well the best came to pass and before we knew it, we were heading down to Fort Pierce, Florida to spend the winter watching dogs and taking care of horses. That’s not where the story ends though. Thirty minutes from the ranch, I get a call from Dylan who is pulling our fifth wheel saying that the transmission is going on the truck. What could have been an end to our short-lived full timing career was saved by our Workamping position. We were able to stay at City Lickers through May and save up for a new truck. This opportunity allowed us to live for free, make some extra cash, and focus on building up online work. We will forever be thankful for Karen & Peter with City Lickers for opening up their homes to Workampers like us and proof that the cost of our membership was more than worth it! 

Thanks so much for all you do!

Amber & Dylan DeGan

My parents began Workamping in 1993 and were full-timers for over 25 years – I initially thought they were crazy.  But when I had a major life change in early 2015, and needed a new direction, I asked them how they got started – the first thing they did was hand me back issues of their Workamper News magazines and suggested I do some research.  After reading a few of the magazines, and seeing how much they loved the life, I decided this was the direction I would take. The first thing I did was join and subscribe to Workamper.News. I starting reading and learning everything I could; I attended jobinars/webinars; I developed my Awesome Applicants Resume and I jumped in with both feet.  I even had the good fortune of working for Workamper News at the Hershey RV Show in September, 2016 where I met Steve Anderson, Terry & Lady E Cooper and Rick and Pam Jaros. The ability to ask questions and pick their brains for 5 days was an invaluable experience and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity. That show is where I found and purchased my home and on October 21, 2016 I took off on the road.  My first stop/job was Amazon in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and I have not looked back. I have worked in Tennessee, New Hampshire, California, Florida and am now headed to the Grand Canyon to work for Delaware North at Desert View for the summer, then on to Southern Arizona to work for Cal-Am at Tower Point RV Resort as a Bartender for the winter. Would I have been able to do this without Workamper News – probably – but the resources, connections and information available in Workamper News has made it so much easier.  I don’t know where the future will take me – no one does – but I know that and Workamper News will always be along for the ride.

Deb Savarese – Full Time Workamper

I started Workamper News online as a Dreamer in 2010. The information we obtained was more then helpful. We always knew we wanted to travel in an RV when we retired. When our 401s took a big hit in 2005 we weren’t sure we’d be able to realize our dream.  Through Workamper News we discovered we could work camp and not have to pay rent.  That made us decide to go for it. By March of 2011 we had lined up 2 volunteer gigs that would get us from Missouri to Minnesota for the summer then out to Arizona for the winter. 

We started our new life on May 4, 2011. We’ve been in our RV, full time, eight years and never regretted a minute of it. Workamper News gave us information on obtaining a domicile since we no longer owned property in our home state of Missouri. We picked South Dakota. We volunteered at DC Booth Fish Hatchery in Spearfish, South Dakota for the summer of 2012. We used that time to get our new address, vehicles registered and got new drivers licenses.  

In our 8 years we’ve visited every state west of the Mississippi River and in 2017 we started heading east. We rarely pay for an RV site, just a few nights moving from one “job” to the next or when we go back to Missouri to visit family and do our annual checkups. With Workamper News we’ve been able to live our New Life one job at a time.  This has allowed us to travel like we wanted and live within our budget.  Thank you Workamper News!   

Pat and Dale Dufur

Safe travels everyone!


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