This concept spoke to the depths of our souls

Our story began like any other- with breakfast. For the duration of our relationship we saved money for the next trip. Always having that next new location to look forward to, we worked just enough to live a life we enjoyed.

Trisha.Justin.Mnt.DogWe’ve found that we love a life full of moments- these moments culminating into the grand mosaic of our experience. It was breakfast at a diner in our hometown where Trisha offered the prospect of traveling full-time, visiting trade-shows and selling trinkets/knick-knacks from city to city. She had me at, “Pass the syrup.”

Trisha.Justin.FlowersI’ve wanted to be a retired Rv’er since I first saw people living this way when I was young driving cross-country with my family. When Trisha mentioned this I was working a full-time job, and Trisha had just quit her career as a teacher. This concept spoke to the depths of our souls. To the parts of all of us that we are told to quiet because they’re impractical. Those parts of us as children that yearn to explore and discover the unfamiliar. These same parts of us today that allow us to say yes to this experience of life. This radical shift in our “life plan” shattered the status quo and rocked our perception of what was expected of us.

Trisha.Justin.CubaNo longer was the “normal” to work in the same place for years, then retire to do what we want. So we made a decision and began research into this elusive world of selling crafts across the country with retired individuals. From the diner table it was a month before we owned our first Rv- a 28’ Class C named “Rita El Dorado.” We then spent the next month completely renovating the inside and outside.

Trisha.JustinRVNever will I forget the excitement of the prospect and hope of the unknown. It was then that we found our first workamper opportunity in the form of sugar beets. I gave my two weeks notice, scraped every cent we had to our name and set our sights on the horizon. During our first sugar beet harvest we had the next year of our life planned out in terms of work camping from California to Alaska. We have been incredibly graced by individuals who’ve come into our lives and offered assistance with any number of issues from mechanical to moral dilemmas. We learned more about automotive repair from our first year of Rving then the entire rest of our lives. As with anything else, we have never done this alone. We learn from the wealth of knowledge contained within the RV community, and the giving nature of all of us. We love our life today working to be financially self-supporting while living where we want, doing something that interests us. Mile by mile, with our 75 pound mutt Wendle hanging out the window- our story continues as we travel down this road of happy destiny continually finding the others.


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