Sedona Red Rock Park On-Site Hosts

It’s been six wonderful weeks in Sedona and only four more to go. We love it here: THE VIEW! THE VIEW! THE VIEW!  Did I mention the VIEW?!

97ce3-20161007_174843We are parked in the back of Red Rock State Park, in the general maintenance area. Our view on all sides is of red rocks, with our patio overlooking babbling Oak Creek and Cathedral Rock. WOW! That’s all.

I am not sure how anyone can describe the beauty of the Sedona area, and many powers have been attributed to it.  It has been called a scenic wonder, a source of healing energy, and a paradise for hikers and mountain bikers. It offers rocks to slide on for swimmers, greens for golfers, paths for horses, trails for hikers, and scenery for artists and photogs. If you seek spiritual renewal, there is inspiration here for everyone.

8ea48-20161006_162407We are both working three days a week, Friday through Sunday, from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Doug works the entry station and I handle the gift shop. It’s fun and busy.

We get the funniest questions/comments:

  • “So whats there to see here in Sedona?” is the most asked question at entry, as if Doug is a tour guide. He simply works the entry station at a state park. “Do I look like the chamber of commerce?” he never asks, but wants to.
  • “I pay my taxes, so I shouldn’t have to pay to enter a state park!”
  • A visitor exclaims, “LOOK, MOOSE!” as a group of deer wander by.
  • A hiker brings us a picture they took of a javelina. “Is that a baby bear?” they ask.
  • “Send me to the trails with no rattlesnakes.”
  • “What do you call the rattlesnake without any rattles?”
  • “Is the vortex here, I’m here to see the vortex!” (which is funny because you can’t see a vortex.)

I love people and enjoy the interaction. We’ve met many foreigners from all over the globe. Doug, by nature, is a quiet guy. He can and does put on a perfectly happy face to every person, but it’s a loonnngg day of meet and greet for him.

The other four days a week we’ve stayed very busy. We try to see the kids and grandkids in Phoenix at least once a week. (Stay tuned for my upcoming blog on grandparenting. Many ah-ha’s!)

41330-20161101_133138On the other days, we have hiked many miles on some spectacular trails around Sedona, and ridden some fun dirt- and mountain-biking trails. The biggest question each day is: What fun do we have today!?

Our jeep has been perfect for the many off-roading out of the way places to see, like these amazing Sinagua Indian cliff dwellings we found at Palatki and Honanki, just outside Sedona.

6180f-20161027_124155I have been taking Zumba and Yoga classes–not Doug’s idea of fun, so he tears off on his own adventures. This usually involves bushwhacking off-trail up to some extinct volcano or red rock; or mountain biking to some crazy please-don’t-fall-we-don’t-have-health-insurance type of place.)

Our host camp site here in Red Rock State Park is so beautiful!  The park is a day-use only (no camping) nature preserve and home to environmental education for school children.  We have seen rattlesnakes, tarantulas, javelinas with babies, many deer, fawns, and a bobcat! There are reports of mountain lions in the park (one growled at some hikers--who did not stop for selfies) and we have seen evidence with scat and tracks. 

This park is basically a hiking/walking park with five miles of easy-to-moderate trails, all with spectacular views! We’ve hiked all over the park, and even off-trail bushwhacked our way up other hills with no trails. Some of the best hikes we’ve had are after the park closes in the evening and we have the place to ourselves–well, us and the wildlife that is!  I took this video after finding this guy on the sidewalk leaving the gift shop our first day here! Our park manager, Heidi, is a true snake wrangler!

 Our commitment here ends on Dec. 11th.  We are not sure what’s next, and that’s OK (sort of). I must admit, I am somewhat unsettled as we’ve always had a next-destination plan. We’ve always known where we were going to park our house! I am working to lose the fear of the unknown and replace it with a sense of adventure!  One thing we do know: we will stay in Arizona, and we’ve been invited to spend Christmas day with our daughters and grandsons in Scottsdale! YESSSSS!  Life is pretty perfect these days.


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