Our Biggest Issue Yet – Don’t Miss It!

This next issue, the September/October issue of Workamper News, is gearing up to be our biggest issue yet. It’s going to be full of Workamper’s stories and Employer ads looking for Workampers all over the U.S.

Now is the time to join Workamper News! But, I’m not retired yet, you may say. You have to be prepared. If you need extra cash to be on the road then you better start looking now. Most Employers like to hire at least 1-2 seasons out. We have some that are hiring for winter 2020 already!

You still have at least 2-3 years before you plan to hit the road? Workamper News will educate you on the RV lifestyle, not just how to find a job. We have 100s of articles, and a huge media library of videos, webinars, jobinars, etc. It takes time to prepare for a change like this – downsizing, purchasing the RV, putting your house up for sale, etc…there is so much to do!

Be prepared. When you hit the road, know where you’re going and how you are going to get there. Workamper News will help you all the way!

Click here to join today!

Safe travels!


Robyn Author

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