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Have you just finished up your summer season of Workamping?  We want to hear all about it!  If you’re interested in sharing your experiences with others and helping out those that are new to the lifestyle, please send your inquiry to goneworkamping@gmail.com

In today’s blog on Workamping…

Workampers are gearing up for the short Fall season of Workamping in the northern states before old man winter really takes a crippling grip.


Amazon Camperforce has already started for their biggest season of the year and it’s expected to be a huge one!  They have even extended some dates into the beginning of next year!  Amazon has also added more locations this year.  If you remember from last year, there were only two locations hiring for the Camperforce.  This year there are four!  Amazon is a great place to work, but it may not be for everyone.  They pay well, but if you’re a picker, you will walk several miles a day!  They do pay for your campsite and there are other perks and benefits that will make it all worth while.

The Sugar Beet Harvest is in full training mode this week with the harvest set to begin in 5-6 days.  Labeled the highest paying Workamping opportunity, the Sugar Beet Harvest has been around for decades and decades.  You can find an in-depth six page article on the harvest in the May/June 2018 issue of Workamper News.  You will learn how to apply, how to prepare for working in the weather, and even what a sugar beet actually is! Plan for next  year’s Workamping opportunity  and also check out the jobinar section on our website at Workamper News, Inc.   Gold members have access to all jobinars and we have one on the harvest (and Amazon).  Listen in as Express Employment goes over in even more detail all you need to know about working the harvest.

Where ever you have decided to Workamp this fall, we hope you have a fantastic season and make some great memories and lifelong friends.

Be sure to email us at goneworkamping.com if you would like us to share your summer Workamping experiences in future blog posts.

Happy Workamping & Safe Travels!


Be sure to check out the YouTube channel RVSWAT.  They are doing a series on the Sugar Beet harvest and Day 1 is up!

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