RVers are Bloggers too!

This week’s blog is about other RVers and their websites/blogs! Here are a couple of great sites that have some awesome content, reviews, and links to some nifty items.  First up is https://campaddict.com/ Marshall Wendler & Kelly Beasley run this site and they have been full-time RVers since 2014-2015.  Kelly is a great writer and […]

Top RV Apps for RVers

I put out a social media post a few days ago and asked what apps RVers use and got a great response. Here are the top 8 apps that were mentioned the most – not in any particular order. RV Parky is an RV Park directory built by a full time RV’er with the help […]

Great News!

You can send those testimonies to support@workamper.com We look forward to hearing your great stories! Safe travels…Robyn

Not Your Typical Workamping Job

This week’s blog is from Workamper Lee & Beth Holt. They submitted their story to be published in our magazine a while back, but it just didn’t make it. I would like to share it with you because it’s not any ordinary Workamping job and plus…it looks really fun! We had the pleasure of being the […]

Six Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe This Hiking Season

By Maggie Evans CPDT-KA This week’s blog is taken from one of our Featured Employers at www.workamper.com – Ticaboo Resort – learn more about theam at www.ticaboo.com Hiking shoes, check. Backpack, check. 4-legged best friend, check. Think you have everything you need for your trip to Southern Utah? Not quite. Here are six things you […]

Spasm Tour: Getting to Alaska

By Jon Hockersmith – Workamper This week’s blog is taken from the September/October 2018 issue of Workamper News. Workamping full-time for nearly ten years, our usual seasonal migrations could be considered typical for many Workampers – a summer job in a relatively cool location and a winter job in a warm, sunny spot with a fun road trip […]

Rendezvous 2019

Lifestyle Seminars Join up to 250 fellow RV enthusiasts for a variety of seminar sessions on topics ranging from how to get started RVing & Minimalist Travels to Finding Jobs on the Road, Healthcare for RVers, Budgeting for RV Life and much, much more! Job Fair & Vendors Market  Visit the Job Fair & Vendor […]

Solo – Party of One

by Sharee Collier, Director of Operations of Workamper News, Inc Today’s blog is an excerpt from our March/April issue in 2018. So many people are ready to embark on the journey of Workamping and there are more now than ever going solo…our Director of Operations, Sharee Collier, interviewed several solo Workampers for this issue and […]

How to Enjoy the RV Lifestyle Now – By Workamping!

by Workamper News Today’s blog is an article out of the archive from Workamper News. We have so many new people asking questions daily – like what in the world is a Workamper? This article will explain Workamping and will probably get you ready to hit the road…spring is tomorrow and the weather is finally […]

RV Vlogs – Part 2

This week, on RV Vlogs – I share with you more RV vloggers that will tell you like it like it is – the good and the bad. Join me for part 2 – shall you? Our first vlog is Less Junk More Journey. Join Nathan & Marissa and their daughter Hensley as they tour […]