How To Take The Headache Out Of Downsizing

You’ve heard the saying…there’s more than one way to skin a cat.  If you haven’t, it means there’s more than one way to get something done! One of the most common questions we get here at Workamper News is “How do I start downsizing?” It’s a deep subject with a lot of baggage for sure!  […]

RV Statistics

The Wandering RV has researched some very interesting RV statistics. Go check out their site…they have some great info over there. 🙂 There are also even more statistics they have found on their site. Thanks for the info guys! Thanks for reading the Gone Workamping blog from Workamper News. Join today to see […]

RVers are Bloggers too!

This week’s blog is about other RVers and their websites/blogs! Here are a couple of great sites that have some awesome content, reviews, and links to some nifty items.  First up is Marshall Wendler & Kelly Beasley run this site and they have been full-time RVers since 2014-2015.  Kelly is a great writer and […]

Top RV Apps for RVers

We put out a social media post a few days ago and asked what apps RVers use and got a great response. Here are the top 8 apps that were mentioned the most – not in any particular order. RV Parky is an RV park directory built by a fulltime RV’er with the help of […]

Six Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe This Hiking Season

By Maggie Evans CPDT-KA This week’s blog is taken from one of our Featured Employers at – Ticaboo Resort – learn more about them at Hiking shoes, check. Backpack, check. 4-legged best friend, check. Think you have everything you need for your trip to Southern Utah? Not quite. Here are six things you […]

RV Vlogs – Part 2

This week, on RV Vlogs – I share with you more RV vloggers that will tell you like it like it is – the good and the bad. Join me for part 2 – shall you? Our first vlog is Less Junk More Journey. Join Nathan & Marissa and their daughter Hensley as they tour […]

New Book – Living the RV Life

Looking To Hit The Road In 2019? Check out the newest RV book for dreamers who want to know how to live the RV Life Living the RV Life: Your Ultimate Guide to Life On The Road! Compiled by Marc & Julie Bennett, the creators of the popular lifestyle blog RVLOVE. At just over 250 pages printed […]

RV Vlogs – Part 1

This week I decided to talk about YouTube vloggers.  A co-worker and I discovered we watch a few of the same ones and I have my mom hooked on one as well.   In this series I’m sharing our favorites, along with some of your favorite vloggers as well.  Join us – shall you? Our first […]

To Winterize or Not to Winterize…

We’ve had a ton of questions about winterizing here lately in the Facebook groups and on our business page.  I know many of you do not winterize since you are full time RVers, you all southernize  (move south)! We still have so many dreamers out there and part timers too!  Don’t forget about those that […]

8 Tips for Free RV Parking at Wal-Mart

Today’s blog is about overnight parking at Wal-Mart.  We know many RVers who do this and if they feel safe, by all means, go for it!  Sometimes, you do what you gotta do! We are referencing YouTubers – Long Long Honeymoon – for this information and as always, they do a fantastic job. Without further […]