Organization In Your RV

In this video from Long Long Honeymoon on YouTube, they talk about storage and how to organize before your next big trip.  They know their stuff and have some great ideas and tips on storage preparing for your next trip! First on the agenda – declutter from the last trip and clean up.  Clean out […]

Yes, You Can Still Receive Your Mail While Traveling!

This week’s blog post is about snail mail.  In our Facebook group, we’ve had several people ask about how to deal with mail while on the road. Well, I just so happened to watch the latest vlog of Long Long Honeymoon on YouTube and lo and behold they were talking about this very subject!  Thank […]

Something We All Need a Lesson In

RV Etiquette – Everyone needs a lesson in all things Etiquette at some point or another.  Check out the YouTube channel – Long Long Honeymoon. They are so down to earth and very nice and knowledgeable in the RVing world.  Their latest vlog is on Campground Etiquette. On to the Long Long Honeymoon’s top 10 […]

Planning Your RV Trip

If you are not quite ready to go full-time and are just getting your feet wet, but want to take the rig out for a few days, here are some good pointers on planning that epic first trip. Know where you are going!  Easy enough…where do you want to go? I don’t know! Ok, let’s narrow […]

Steps to a Quick Hook Up…For Your Campsite

In today’s blog, you are going to learn how to set up your campsite.  You may want to change the order, or it might be completely different if you have a Class A, Class C,  Van, etc.  This tutorial is really for beginners and how to cut some time in setting up.  The first few […]

Common RV Terms

For new RVers and Dreamers, here is a list of the many common RV terms defined.  Enjoy! 4 Pin Electrical Connector – This provides power from your tow vehicle to your RV for the lights only. 7 Pin Electrical Connector – This provides power from your tow vehicle to your RV for the lights as well as the […]

Simple BBQ Conversion for RVers

A summer before we left on our trip I had purchased an inexpensive Master Chef Portable BBQ on sale 50% off. The intention was to bring this along on camping trips but we never used it, so it came along with the trailer. It is a cheap unit so I didn’t have high expectations but it’s […]

Happy Thanksgiving from Workamper News!

Whereever your Workamping adventures have carried you to for this beautiful Thanksgiving Day, let’s all take a moment to remember to give thanks for the opportunity and the ability for each of us to live this lifestyle. Many of us take this life for granted sometimes, which is easy to do when you’re out having […]

RV Travel Preparations:

Once again, we are in the process of packing up and setting off to our next destination.  I’d like to say that we are up and out of a place within 15 or 20 minutes, but that typically isn’t the case.  When it comes to packing up our 26 foot motorhome and leaving,  we have learned that this process can take a couple of hours, minimum.  If we are work camping at a location for a month or more,  we may spread out the tasks over a period of days.

Read more about RV Travel Preparations:

The REAL Truth about Full Time RVing with your Spouse

When my wife and I were first looking into full time RVing, we read lots of books and blogs about the subject. Every book or blog we read had the following one sentence for couples, “Make sure you love your traveling partner!” This was good advice, but it wasn’t specific. It didn’t help me much. […]