Workamping in Florida: Opportunity Abounds in the Sunshine State

Florida is a popular destination for tourists, snowbirds and Workampers. Many people want to experience the Sunshine State for the diverse activity it offers. Fortunately, as of January 2024, there were nearly 2,600 full- and part-time jobs available to help Workampers achieve that goal.

Seven Mile Bridge connecting Florida Keys – Wikipedia

by Greg Gerber

Florida is extremely popular with RVers. Several of America’s biggest RV dealers are located in the state. The Florida RV Supershow, also one of America’s largest, takes place every January at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa. The event attracts 75,000 RV enthusiasts looking at hundreds of motorhomes and towables.

Florida is the third largest state in America with a population exceeding 21 million people spread over 66,000 square miles. If Florida were a separate country, it would boast the 16th largest economy in the world. Tourism tops the list of industries, but the state is well known for its agriculture, marine industry and role in space exploration.

The state is the only one to border two large bodies of water, the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Gulf of Mexico on the west. The cultures on both sides of the peninsula are unique. Typically, people from New England migrate to the eastern side of the state, while the western region attracts visitors from the Midwest.

Key West is the southernmost point of the 48 contiguous states, and people can see Cuba on a clear day. Because it is a peninsula, Florida boasts of 8,436 miles of shoreline. Although bordered by seawater on three sides, Florida is home to Lake Okeechobee, the second-largest freshwater lake in the lower 48.

Its close proximity to the ocean makes Florida’s climate rather temperate all year, but it can get chilly in December and January. The southern part is more tropical than the panhandle area. Yet, with an average daily temperature of 70.7 degrees, Florida is one of the most consistently temperate states in America.

Ocean breezes are prevalent, but humidity can be a problem, especially in summer months. All the moisture in the air means it usually rains a little every day during summer months. In fact, central Florida has more lightning strikes than anywhere else in the country. Hurricanes can pose a threat anytime between June 1 and Nov. 30.

With ports in Tampa, Miami, Key West and Port Canaveral, it’s very easy to hop aboard a cruise ship to check out exotic locations in the Caribbean. So, when you’re done Workamping, treat yourself to a long excursion aboard a luxury cruise liner.

A Haven for Birds and Reptiles

Florida is home to a diverse population of animals, especially birds, which make the state a frequent stopping point along their migratory routes. Flamingos, pelicans, cranes and ibis birds are common to Florida, but larger birds, like eagles, falcons and osprey can be seen as well.

Florida flamingos – Wikipedia

Florida is the only state in America where alligators and crocodiles co-exist in nature. You can tell the difference by looking at snout size. Alligators have longer and wider U-shaped snouts, while crocodiles have a more V-shaped appearance. Both can run more than 15 miles per hour, but only for short distances.

However, be careful when walking a pet around any open body of water. Both reptiles are well known for their ability to ambush prey and drag it into the water. Don’t worry, neither crocodiles or alligators are likely to engage an adult unless provoked. In fact, visitors to Everglades National Park will likely encounter the animals on trails. Simply respect their space and there won’t be any problems.

Humungous snakes attract a lot of attention in Florida. Adopted as pets when they were small and cute, the creatures were abandoned in the wilderness when they got too big. The 16-foot Burmese pythons are challenging Florida’s ecosystem by eating anything it can catch.

New visitors to Florida are often caught off guard by palmetto bugs, which look like giant 2-inch cockroaches with a particularly foul smell. In cold weather, iguanas are known to fall from trees, which can also be a little freaky for newcomers.

Although half the state is covered by forests, the Everglades is a “river of grass” less than a foot deep and 50 miles wide covering more than 4,300 miles in southern Florida.

Things To Do in Florida

There are many recreation opportunities for people, regardless of their age or interests.

Tourist Activities

Orlando is the mecca of tourism activities in Florida. It is home to Walt Disney World, which is as large as San Francisco. That compound consists of four major theme parks and two water parks:

  • Magic Kingdom – Everything about this park is dedicated to delivering a magical experience where guests can interact with dozens of Disney characters.
  • Epcot Center – A true theme park for adults, people can envision a futuristic world or enjoy a glimpse of 11 countries in the World Showcase.
  • Animal Kingdom – Go on a real safari at the largest theme park in the world, which stretches over 580 acres and serves as home to more than 2,000 animals comprised of 300 species.
  • Hollywood Studios – Devoted to the golden era of Hollywood, this park pays tribute to the magic of film, television, music and theatre.
  • Typhoon Lagoon – Home of the largest wave pool in America, this park features several water slides and even a chance to try surfing.
  • Blizzard Beach – Spend the day floating on a lazy river, experience the thrills of a free-fall body slide or relax on the beach while sipping tropical drinks.
  • Disney Springs – This massive retail center consists of 98 shoppes, 69 restaurants or food kiosks, and 59 unique attractions. It’s a wonderful way to experience the magic of Disney, and pick up souvenirs, without spending a day at a theme park.

Nearby Universal Studios features rides, attractions and live shows pertaining to movies, television, and other aspects of the entertainment industry. Attractions are based on blockbuster movies, like E.T., Jurassic Park, Men in Black and Harry Potter. It also serves as a production facility for television shows.

The Kennedy Space Center, located one hour east of Orlando along the ocean at Cape Canaveral, provides a historic glimpse into America’s space program. Exhibits feature the Apollo moon missions as well as space shuttle flights and satellite operations.

Kennedy Space Center – Wikipedia

Most astronauts have left for outer space from Kennedy Space Center. A museum depicts decades of work involving human and robotic spaceflight. Bus tours take visitors to historic launch sites around the complex. The center is also the home of the Astronaut Hall of Fame.

Natural Exhibits

The Everglades is the third largest national park in America and home to a vast array of plant and animal life. The 2,400-square-mile wetland features 50 species of birds, 300 species of fresh and saltwater fish, 40 kinds of mammals, and 50 types of reptiles. Alligators are more active in the evening, and the sound of them barking at night is rather eerie.

Founded in 1565, St. Augustine is America’s oldest continually-inhabited community. It’s historic buildings and unique architecture are a big draw, as is Fort Matanzas National Monument. If you’re lucky, perhaps you will discover the elusive Fountain of Youth sought by Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon.

Not too far away, visitors to the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse can climb a spiral staircase to the top of the 175-foot structure for panoramic views of the eastern seaboard. A museum depicts the solitary life of a lightkeeper and his family.

Florida’s bountiful strawberry crop is harvested in February and March. Many local communities host strawberry festivals, and snowbirds will encounter plenty of roadside stands offering fresh berries, shakes, sundaes or shortcake desserts.

Driving along Florida Keys is a must-do activity when spending time in Florida. Although the keys consist of nearly 800 tiny islands, the 100-mile drive connects nearly two dozen larger islands from Key Largo to Key West. Along the way, you’ll encounter marine sanctuaries, a diving museum, turtle hospital and the Seven Mile Bridge over turquoise waters.

The community of Key West itself could be classified as a tourist destination, and is rife with natural beauty. President Harry S Truman established the “Little White House” on the island to entertain dignitaries with poker games and fishing trips. Famous American author Ernest Hemingway wrote some of his best-known novels from his Key West home.

Key Biscayne Bay is a fun place to go snorkeling. Water in the inland bay is often easier to navigate than open ocean. Besides, sunken boats in the bay make the adventure even more special.

Unique Workamping Jobs

Florida is home to some of the largest RV resorts in the world operated by big corporations, such as Thousand Trails and Sun Outdoors as well as Land and Leisure. However, a plethora of mom-and-pop parks are still in operation. It is relatively easy to find jobs serving as camp hosts, front desk staff, housekeepers, maintenance workers, security guards, landscapers, activities workers, food service workers and retail cashiers.

In November and December, retail lots pop up all over the state to sell Christmas trees. Workampers live directly on the lot where they assist customers in selecting trees and securing them on vehicles. The jobs often require long 12- to 14-hour days of standing and lifting in the days leading to Christmas.

In addition to trees, there are a number of temporary kiosks that sell gift items in malls and other shopping centers. Big Sports Cart specializes in licensed college and professional collectable items, like autographed balls and jerseys.

People who like being outdoors can find jobs at state parks and nature conservancies. Workampers are needed to maintain the grounds and assist in educational activities by leading tours, working with school groups and answering questions from visitors. Some camp host positions are also available.

Volunteer Workampers at Florida State Parks

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission hires Workampers for its 114-day hunting season to staff check stations and interact with hunters, weigh and measure game, collect biological samples and engage in light maintenance. Help is needed working with people hunting deer, hogs, turkey, ducks, bobcat, otters, alligators, snakes and other animals.  

Avon Park Air Force Range provides recreational opportunities to military members and the general public on its 106,000-acre property. Workampers are hired to hand out permits, conduct game checks, maintain primitive campgrounds and participate in various youth events.

Jackson Hewitt hires a lot of Workampers to assist Florida residents in preparing their state and federal income taxes. Some people work at office locations, while others are assigned to staff kiosks at Walmart stores around the state. The jobs run from mid-December until mid-April, and no experience is necessary.

Flamingo Adventures hires Workampers for jobs within Everglades National Park and other locations around Florida. Help is needed as front desk agents, housekeepers, cooks, cashiers, dock hands and other jobs. Best of all, team members enjoy free or discounted bicycle, paddle sport and power boat rentals, plus food discounts and boat tours.

The Panhandle Pioneer Settlement west of Tallahassee needs Workampers to staff its living history museum from April through September. Volunteers provide tours, staff the store and take care of landscaping as well as ensure restrooms and the rest of the facility remains tidy.

Find More Jobs

You can easily connect with the largest quantity and widest variety of Workamping jobs in Florida as a member of

The Hotline Jobs page lists the most recent help wanted ads. Members can search for jobs matching specific criteria, like whether an RV site is provided, all hours are paid, solos are considered, and the job start date. Workampers can also use the Awesome Applicants Resume Builder to create a resume that entices employers to reach out with job offers.

The Workamping lifestyle allows people to tackle their travel goals while staying in new places for longer periods of time in order to enjoy the food, culture and people while visiting local attractions, too. 

There’s no reason to sit idly when options exist to travel the country to keep your mind and body active. Get started Workamping today and discover exciting, new opportunities waiting around every curve, not just in Florida, but every other state, too.