12 Steps to Find a Workamping Job – Part 1

by Workamper News

The photos throughout the blog are of the Heber Springs, AR area, home of Workamper News.¬† Enjoy… ūüôā

At the foot of Round Mountain in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of north-central Arkansas stands Greers Ferry Dam in beautiful Heber Springs, AR. Behind that structure dedicated in 1963 by the late President John F. Kennedy, glistens one of the foremost recreational areas in the middle United States, Greers Ferry Lake. With over 30,000 acres of water surface, the lake serves as a playground for all kinds of water sports. Eighteen parks around the shoreline provide modern campgrounds, boat launches, swim areas and marinas. Photo courtesy of USACE

Part 1 of How to Find a Workamping Job

1.  To fully understand the amazing variety of opportunities available in campgrounds, theme parks, tourist attractions and a thousand other venues, we strongly recommend that you read every opportunity in Workamper News magazine, the online Workamper Hotline web page/email and various other job pages at Workamper.com  We also recommend that you read the many articles in the Article Index online and get feedback from other Workampers in the Forums.

2.¬† Once you’ve done your homework, make a list of your preferences with regard to location, duties, compensation, hours, start/end dates, etc.

Grees Ferry Lake – Photo Courtesy of USACE

3.  Then start looking for opportunities that match your preferences Рvia the magazine, Hotline, by having your Awesome Applicants Resume in the database, and by running Situations Wanted ads.

4.  Narrow your choices to the opportunities that best fit your needs, and follow the instructions exactly as they are given in the ad.

The Little Red River just below Greers Ferry Dam –¬†Photo Courtesy of USACE

5.  We also strongly recommend that you create a resume in our Awesome Applicants Resume database, where it can be viewed by employers. You can also email your Awesome Applicants Resume to any employer in the world or print it out to mail/fax.

6.¬† Get Workamper feedback about specific employers via the Praise Your Employer and Workamper Experiences tools at Workamper.com¬† If possible, try to visit the location and meet the owners or managers, and if you get a chance, talk to other employees and customers.¬† A personal visit also allows you to check out the clientele and the climate.¬† If it’s a campground, you can also check their rating in the campground directories and review websites.

Dam Site Park – Jumping off the cliffs is a local favorite activity –¬†Photo Courtesy of USACE

7.  During the interview process, be sure to ask as many questions as possible to fully understand what will be expected of you.  Additional information, references, etc., may be requested at this time by the employer and should be provided in a prompt and business-like manner.

Eden Isle Marina – Just one of many marinas along the shores of Greers Ferry Lake –¬†Photo Courtesy of USACE

Join us next week as we finish up with the last few steps on Finding a Workamping Job.  We will be discussing the formula for the worth of hours in exchange for site will meet your needs.

Safe Travels!


Bridal Veils Falls РA hidden gem of Heber Springs, AR  РPhoto Courtesy of Todd Sadowski

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