Top 5 Reasons to Be a Workamper

Workamping / Work camping is doing any kind of part-time or full-time work while living in an RV. It’s that simple! And it encompasses quite a variety of opportunities and experiences.

Everyone’s reason to dream about, start, and continue Workamping is different. But after 33 years of helping Workampers and getting to know them, here is what we believe are the Top 5 Reasons to Be a Workamper:

1. Cuts down on your RVing expenses and helps you fund your RV lifestyle.

There are a variety of compensation packages advertised in help wanted ads ran by Workamper employers. Whatever the compensation is, it either saves you from the cost of an RV site and amenities and/or puts money in your pocket.

2. Meet amazing people that you’ll be friends with for life.

At some Workamping jobs, you may be the only Workamper there. But at most locations, you’ll be among a few or many others. You will be working – and living near – your co-workers, so this makes it easy to get to know them well. At some locations, you’ll encounter a mix of locals, Workampers, and foreign exchange workers from other countries. You’ll learn so much from each other, and your on-the-road acquaintances will begin to feel like family.

And, if you do end up working with someone who isn’t a great match for you…guess what, the job is likely seasonal and you’ll be miles away from them in a few weeks or months. : )

3. Get to do fun things you have always wanted to try or never even thought of before.

Have you always loved horses? Help feed and water them at a wild horse sanctuary. Enjoy bird-watching? Host a bird-watching program at a visitor center in a forest rec area. Love interacting with kids? Coordinate activities at a family-focused campground.

Never worked in food service before? Perhaps you’ll revel in stacking that sandwich perfectly or would enjoy the interaction you get as a bartender. History buff or interested in acting? Volunteer at a historical society and they’ll even let you dress up in period costume as you share with visitors what life was like in that era at that location. Didn’t get to enjoy amusement parks when you were a kid, but always wanted to? How about spending all summer at one!

Most Workamper employers do not require or anticipate that a Workamper will have experience with the tasks or positions they are recruiting for. Most are willing to train, and oftentimes you do have skills that you’ve developed in life or your former career that can apply to the Workamping jobs out there.

4. Stay busy. Have a daily purpose. Put your skills to use and learn new ones.

The majority of Workampers begin this lifestyle as the next phase after retirement from the “9-5 career.” Retirement doesn’t have to mean sitting in a rocking chair on the porch and watching the days go by. No matter your age, you can still contribute to this world. And the more you keep your brain learning and your body moving – the happier you will be.

“It definitely keeps us healthier than being retired sitting around the house. And, volunteering at the park is very rewarding and much appreciated by our Rangers and all the locals who come often and the visitors from other states.” – posted by Workamper Debbie in our Workamping Today Facebook group.

5. Spend more time in places you’ve always wanted to visit!

Traveling and seeing this country is often the biggest draw to the RV and Workamping lifestyle. Whether you have specific locations on a bucket list, a goal to visit every state, or family & friends spread out that you’ll bounce around between – Workamping can help you achieve that plan.

Instead of having to limit your stay in your dream location based on camp site availability, length-of-stay regulations, or budget – take on a Workamping job there. You’ll save money and be able to relax knowing you have weeks to explore the nearby national park, trails, lake, ocean, breweries, monuments, restaurants, etc! Most Workamping jobs have a 4-6 month time frame, but there are others with a shorter or longer duration.

So let’s get started! Whether you’re still just dreaming of Workamping or are already on the road, Workamper News is here to help you live this lifestyle successfully. Join today at