Workamping at Northeast Texas Community College

Here at Workamper News, we get a lot of questions from a lot of Workampers. I decided to ask our Employers a handful of questions that our members have asked and post them here for you today.

I sent questions to the Northeast Texas Community College in Mount Pleasant, TX. It’s about 2 miles northeast of Dallas. I emailed Tom Ramler, the Director of Plant Services with a long list of questions. He happily returned my email and answered all of the them and sent in some pictures of the area where Workampers will be working.

Please tell us about Northeast Texas Community College.

Northeast Texas Community College is a small community college located on 400 acres in rural NE Texas serving students who come to us with a hunger for learning practical skills from instructors who have real world experience at a price that gives them the opportunity to graduate without debt.

Have you hired Workampers before?

We only hire Workampers.  In my experience, the people who receive the Workamper magazine and become Workamper members are a major cut above the average duck.

How many returning Workampers do you normally have?


What expectations do you have for Workampers that you hire?

Integrity.  Workampers often work autonomously or with students. While the work that they perform is what we can measure, the roll models that they are for students is the legacy that they leave behind.

How many hours do we need to work per person, per week for solos and couples?

We have two categories of Workampers.  The volunteer Workampers are asked to work 15 hours per week in exchange for the space and electricity.  If the space is occupied by a couple it is their choice of who works how many hours but between the two of them they need to work a total of 15 hours.  Most volunteer Workampers choose to work three days per week from 7 AM to 12 PM but this is flexible and by mutual agreement.  Volunteer Workampers select the project that they want to work on and the projects vary from landscaping, small construction or remodel projects , painting, feeding livestock etc.

Paid Workampers perform custodial functions and start at $8.00 per hour for a maximum of 19 hours per week.  There is no charge for the RV space or utilities.  If it is a couple one can work or they both can (each could work 19 hours per week).  The majority of the custodial shifts are 6 PM – 11 PM M-Th and 6 PM – 10 PM on Friday.

Do you hire solo Workampers?


How is the cell service?

It varies by carrier.  Verizon is typically good.

Do you have a golf cart available?

We use John Deere Gators and Kubota RTV’s.

What types of RVs do you allow or not allow for Workampers?

We have had folks in Class A 43’, 5th wheels with multiple pop-outs, bumper pulls and even a tent once. 

Will you train new Workampers on the campground software?

N/A – this Workamping job does not use campground software

What is your management style?

I start with the premise that people want to do the right thing.  It’s is my job to effectively communicate what that looks like and then let good people make good decisions knowing that occasionally good people can disagree and that becomes an opportunity for a cup of coffee and a conversation.

Does your park have the required tools for a maintenance position or will I have to use my tools?

Northeast Texas Community College will supply all of the tools required to perform the tasks that Workampers complete.

List a good and a bad experience with a Workamper.

I have never had a bad experience.

Thank you, Tom! We appreciate your participation in this week’s blog.

If this opportunity sounds like something you might be interested in, you can find their ad on page 39 of the current issue of Workamper News magazine.

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