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This week’s blog is all about the Workamper Show! What’s the Workamper Show? Well, I’m glad you asked! It’s a podcast devoted to helping you discover how to finance your RV travel dreams!

We publish a new episode weekly. Each episode includes an interview with a Workamper, Employer, or other person involved with the RV lifestyle.

It is hosted by Greg Gerber, former operator of RV Daily Report and long-time RV industry supporter.

You can listen in (or read the script) of each episode at

Eric & Tami Johnson

Our most recent episode (Episode 020) is with Eric & Tami Johnson with

A lot of people seek to become Workampers when they decide to pursue the RV lifestyle. But, some people start businesses while others figure out ways to bring a current business with them.

Eric and Tami Johnson opted to buy an existing business, and use that to finance their travel dreams. They still qualify as Workampers because they are living and working from their RVs.

They explain why buying an existing business was the best choice for them because they knew it would provide cash flow from Day One.

You can read more on Eric & Tami and listen to Episode 020 here.

Prairie Berry Winery

Workamper Employer Prairie Berry’s wines have won more than 1,000 international awards. They not only offer traditional grape wines, but also wines produced from locally-grown fruits, or prairie berries, as they are called. There are up to 30 different wines offered each summer.

Workampers lead customers through wine-tasting events to find the best wines to pair with a variety of foods. Prairie Berry also staffs a kitchen that creates a variety of handmade sandwiches, pizzas, salads, artisan plates, and desserts.

Best of all, they get training in the winemaking and brewing processes. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to select the right wine for a meal, you’ll learn that and more by spending a season with Prairie Berry.

You can read more on this Employer – Prairie Berry Winery and listen to Episode 013 here.

Mike & Yvonne Hall

People who are new to the RV lifestyle and to Workamping are going to enjoy this episode.

Mike and Yvonne Hall have been full-time RVing and Workamping for 18 years. They did it seasonally for 14 years, and have been full-timing since Mike retired four years ago.

They lived in a fifth wheel for many years, and loved it. However, they just acquired a motorhome, and love it, too. They’ll explain the advantages of both and why they opted for a 40-foot motorhome at this point in their adventure.

They have had plenty of experience working as campground hosts, which is a popular Workamping job. They’ll offer tips on finding a job and sticking it out even when it doesn’t pan out as they envision.

You can read more on these Workampers and listen to Episode 014 here.

Alaska X

One of the common desires among people who like to RV is that they want to visit Alaska.

This company caters to guests who arrive via cruise ships. Alaska X offers several fun excursions for the cruise passengers, and the firm hires workampers to guide, drive and escort them as they have some fun.

Based in Skagway, Alaska X offers a dog mushing experience as well as a zip line adventure, horseback riding and a wilderness adventure. The firm hires about 120 Workampers for a variety of jobs.

They greet people coming off the cruise ship and direct them to the right buses. Workers drive buses, fix and maintain equipment, and sell merchandise at various stores. They escort guests on horseback on dog mushing excursions. They answer phones, respond to email and make presentations.

You can read more on Alaska Excursions or Alaska X or listen to Episode 011 here.

There you have it…just a few of the episodes we already have up for you! Join us as we inspire our RV dreams together!

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