Something We All Need a Lesson In

RV Etiquette – Everyone needs a lesson in all things Etiquette at some point or another.  Check out the YouTube channel – Long Long Honeymoon.

They are so down to earth and very nice and knowledgeable in the RVing world.  Their latest vlog is on Campground Etiquette.

On to the Long Long Honeymoon’s top 10 Camp Etiquette

  1. Late Arrivals & Early Departures

We all know things happen on the road that can make you late – traffic, mechanical issues, or you see a really cool tourist stop that you just can’t pass up.  If you come in late at night, why not consider just hooking up and then fully set up the next morning.

If you leave really early in the morning, do the opposite.  Break down camp before bed and then you’ll just need to pull out the day.

  1. Observe quiet hours

Generators.  Open frame generators are not for campground use.  Those are commonly used for construction sites.  There are several different options out there now.  Check out their vlog for their reviews.

  1. Music

Play appropriate music and don’t play it where the whole campground can hear it.  Not everyone loves country music or even 80s classic rock.  I don’t know why you wouldn’t love some great 80s music.  There must be something wrong with your upbringing.  Needless to say, listen to it inside or use your earbuds – while staying aware of your surroundings.

  1. Respect Other’s Campsites

Campsites are people’s temporary yard.  It’s not cool if you cut through someone’s campsite just to save 10 ft to the showers, or to go fishing, etc.

  1. Pick Up the Poo!

Clean up after your pets.  That is all.

  1. Clean up Sewer Spillage

When you dump your tank and you kind of spill some black water grossness, clean it up.  Self-explanatory.

   7.  Don’t leave your clothes in the laundry room.

Also, don’t move other’s clothes, just let the office know if it’s been hours and hours. Some people are just forgetful!

 8.  Clean up after yourself in the bathhouse.

Clean up your hair, soap, and anything else that tends to stay behind in a shower like clumps of shaving cream.

    9.  Clean up your campsite!

Remember not to leave trash behind. Channel your inner scout and try to leave the campsite cleaner than before you arrived.

   10.  Your fire pit is not a garbage can…don’t burn trash!

These are all pretty much common sense, although some people might not think about it or choose not to think about it.  The little boy or girl scout is still in there!  Call them up – leave your area cleaner than you found it and just be courteous.  Think of others before  you think of yourself.  See the complete video below.

Safe Travels!
– Social Media Manager, Workamper News Team