RV Community & the Coronavirus

We are living in a challenging time.  There’s a full range of opinions and feelings scattered throughout the RV community. In social media channels, it appears the majority are hopeful, and that’s where Workamper News resides as well.

We’re all hopeful for a turnaround and successful summer Workamping season, even if it begins a bit later than expected.  We hope you are all staying put as best you can for now, and following the guidelines set forth by the CDC and your local health officials.

Don’t let fear overtake you. Stay abreast with what’s happening by reviewing content published by the industry. Communicate with your current or future Employer.  Employers – let your Workampers know what’s going on even if it’s just “we’re waiting to see how it goes.”

Here are some links we’ve compiled we hope will assist you and our community:

State by state list of campground closures

RVlife.com – what is open and what is closed state-by-state

State-by-state list of extended stay parks that are open

Alternative camping options – Boondockers Welcome and Harvest Hosts

RVTravel.com Coronavirus news that impacts RVers

RV Industry Association’s response to coronavirus

Escapees RV Club’s response to coronavirus

Help for RV park owners/operators from ARVC

Take action to help the community and fellow RVers.

We need RV parks and campgrounds to stay open – not to encourage travel, but – so RVers can continue to shelter in place and stay in their homes on wheels. Please take a look at the following article that Escapees RV Club has compiled here.  It includes guidance on how to contact your elected officials and sample letters to send them.

You can help by signing this petition from Truck Camper to keep RV campgrounds open

We’re asking for your help to give us all a snapshot as to how the Workamping community is being affected.  Please take our 1-question survey to share what your status is:

Visit our survey results page here. We’ll update it often.

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