3…2…1! Exercising on the Road

Workamping is truly a wonderful way to see the country and make new friends-for- life in the process.

The spirit of adventure is always with us as we move from place to place with each passing season. I do, however, also enjoy the comfort of returning to a location where I like the people, the job, and the surroundings. One of the things that keeps me grounded as we travel is the ability to continue to do the things in my life that I enjoy, things that will always be a part of life. One such important element of my life, no matter where we are, is exercise, and in most cases that includes a gym!



Now, there have been seasons where I was merely a member # at a big gym such as Planet Fitness, while at Travelers World in San Antonio, and there were also months at Wells Beach Resort in Maine where I performed only body-weight exercises with little or no equipment.

I always run, and of course we bike and kayak and golf.  I have taught yoga, spin, and circuit training in Sarasota, Florida at Sun-N-Fun and I even found a small gym in Torrey, Utah, where we worked out at 6800 feet while Workamping at Thousand Lakes RV Park.

I also never travel without at least two workouts prepared for me by my trainer, Rob Vitiello, from Muscle World Gym in New Jersey. I consider myself very lucky thus far, but I really hit the jackpot while working this summer at Indigo Bluffs in Empire, Michigan. I found my niche at Glen Arbor Fitness – a.k.a. Total Results Training – and I have never felt more in shape!

Located in an old brick school house, the gym offers a myriad of classes ranging from cardio/strength training to TRX suspension training; from boxing and HIIT to yoga; and, from open gym to personal training. The staff includes two dynamic personal trainers/instructors, an accomplished yoga instructor and a nutritionist.

For the entire summer, I usually took three cardio/strength classes a week along with two TRX classes. Liz Tondreau was most often my instructor and she is a success story herself! She began her personal fitness journey in 2009, and with the help of trainer/gym owner Stacy Jago, she has lost close to 150 pounds and is now a certified personal trainer! What an inspiration and I must say, I have yet to see her in anything but an awesome mood – even at 7 am!!

Her guidance and encouragement have been a gift and I am now able to do things in the gym I never thought I could! In her instructor mode, is she a tiger? Yes! Can she be a bear? Of course! But I love it and I will forever hear her in my mind as she always let us know when our strength/cardio station or our TRX exercise was almost over by sharing – loudly I might add – 3…2…1! There were never such sweet words!


Liz and Stacy make make a wonderful pair, personally and professionally, and if you are ever traveling near Glen Arbor, Michigan, Glen Arbor Fitness is a stop not to be missed! I thank them both for a wonderfully fit summer!


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