Living in a van down by the river

We’ve been parked at the Riverside RV Park in Boise for about 3 weeks.  FUN!

It’s beautiful right next to the greenbelt and river. We’ve enjoyed long walks and AMAZING bike rides.

There is a small homeless population living in tents and wandering the greenbelt.  Doug hasn’t completely appreciated me delivering water bottles and Kind bars.  He cautioned that if I wasn’t careful they would follow me home and hang out at dinner time.  So far I’ve always been safe, but I can’t just look away.

We did have drama with some “Breaking Bad” look-alike neighbors, which culminated with the park management literally hooking up their trailer and pulling it out of the park.

Guess they didn’t pay, not even sure they got out of their RV before they were hauled off!  Otherwise the neighbors have been great here.







We LOVE living in the RV. Yes, it’s small, but we really don’t spend much time INSIDE. That’s the point! Doug has learned to do without a dishwasher, and always cleans up as long as I cook!

As we prepare to depart Boise, it’s been bittersweet saying goodbye to friends.  Doug had a nice retirement party a couple of days ago; he has a super team working with and for him.  It was obvious he will be missed!  They gave him a really nice fishing pole to start his fun!  Perfect gift!

Next week we are off to Arizona to see the kids and grand kids for a couple of weeks. I miss them so!

NEXT:  After Arizona we landed a summer camp host position.  We’ve been hired to manage Chinook Bay Campground on Little Redfish Lake outside Stanley Idaho.

I KNOW! We get paid to camp on the lake in one of the most beautiful places on earth, at the base of the Sawtooth mountains.

We will work 4 hours a day and have two days off a week. SWEET! We start around mid-May (depends on snow melt) and end September 30th.   If you are in the area, stop by and say HI!

NEXT STOP: Arizona where Grammie and Papa Doug have a lot of grandson spoiling to do!


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