Yes, You Can Still Receive Your Mail While Traveling!

This week’s episode is about snail mail.  In our Facebook groups, we’ve had several people ask about how to deal with mail while on the road.

Well, I just so happened to watch the latest vlog of Long Long Honeymoon on YouTube and lo and behold they were talking about this very subject!  Thank you Sean and Kristy!

Sean and Kristy discuss 7 ways to receive your mail in their video and I have to admit, I wasn’t aware of couple of them.

Here we go!

Tip #1

You may be able to receive mail in your RV park.  If you are in a private campground, just ask the office if you can receive mail.  Most of the time they will say yes and explain how to address it and where to pick it up.

Tip #2

Head on over to the post office.  Ask if they accept mail by General Delivery.  Not all of them do, but most do.  Just call ahead of time to check.  They will explain how to address the envelope and how long you have to pick it up.  You will need to show your ID or Driver’s License for proof at pick up.  They generally hold 7-14 days but you will need to double check as each area is different. Be aware – the post office will not accept packages from UPS or FedEx.

Tip #3


You can receive packages at the FedEx and UPS offices.

So if you have a package being shipped by FedEx or UPS, just have them delivered to their offices, not the store, but their distribution centers.  Be sure to call to double check their rules and regs.

Tip #4

Amazon Lockers

Amazon has over 2000 lockers in over 50 cities already and they are expanding.  A locker is usually inside a grocery store and you enter the code you are emailed to unlock the box and retrieve your package.

Tip #5

The Post Office will hold your mail.

If you are going on a long trip, the post office will hold your mail for you to pick up at a later date.  They also offer whats called, informed delivery.  You can view your mail digitally.  They scan your mail for you and you can choose what to keep and they will send tracking information on packages.  They can still send the hard copies to your house but you can weed out the junk and they will discard it.

You can also forward your mail up to a year to one address for free.

Premium mail forwarding is also an option.  It’s a bit pricey but could be a an option at some point.  The post office will collect your mail and send it to you once a week via priority mail anywhere in the US for $20, per week.

Or – just use your family members and have them sort and send the important docs to you.

Tip #6

Escapees RV Club

They offer mail forwarding services.  Learn more at

Escapees also offers a street address for establishing residency.

Tip #7

UPS stores offer mailboxes and support services.

If you stay in a location for a long period of time, you can have your mail forwarded to that box.  One difference from the post office is they can receive any type of packages, including FedEx and UPS, of course.

They can also hold your mail for a period of time.  You can ship items to that location as well.

Some UPS stores provide a street  address for residency information, too.

That’s it guys!  Good tips to know!

You can watch the full episode below.

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