Wrap-Up: Workamper Rendezvous 2017

We pulled in to Heber Springs RV Park on the 1st of October- and everything after that was pretty much a blur. The time flew past with fun filled days or RV Training, putting the final touches on the Workamper Rendezvous and then hosting 200 attendees for the live event just last week!

It’s been fun!

This Rendezvous was my first, like many of the attendees who attended. It was also really different than the previous 7 years, because I planned it. Steve must have made at least 10 announcements on the mic saying, “We’ve never done it this way before”, it seemed like a stock phrase we rehearsed as a catch all.

Attendees gathered from near and far in search of education, information and inspiration on the Workamping lifestyle and we made sure we packed as much in as possible. Our goal was for everyone to leave with more than they expected. I’m proud to say we met that goal!

But it wasn’t all business! We kept the seminars moving with a door prize at the beginning of the day, in between each seminar, and at the end of the day. Fun freebies, from our awesome sponsors, were stuffed into rockin’ tote bags, proving attendees with welcome bags with everything from t-shirts to cocktail mixes!

Thursday was full of fun! We hosted Workamper Employers for short overviews of their presentations, a fundraiser picnic that sold out, Hot Seats, and a packed house for the an amazing evening BBQ at the Dam Site Campground operated by USACE.


Last, but definitely not least was the Job Fair & Bonus Session on Friday.

Where Attendees were able to get personal one-on-one time with presenters like the Geeks on Tour, while learning to use their smartphones and Workamper Employers like Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Wisconsin Dells, Lt. Blender “Cocktails In A Bag”  & Hart-T-Tree Farms, that were interviewing onsite for the next season!

We thanks everyone who attended this year’s event and hope to see you out on the road in your travels! The dates have been set for the 2018 Rendezvous Event, and we hope to see many of you there the week of October 15ht – 19th, 2018.  Stay tuned for details on www.Workamper.com 

Robyn Author

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