What Does a Workamper Do?

This week’s blog is about Workampers and what they do and how they live while Workamping.  When I was in customer service, I would receive tons of questions and one was usually, so what does a Workamper do exactly?

I reached out to our Workampers and asked them to send in photos of themselves Workamping along with a brief description of their duties.

Let’s see what Workampers actually do –

Meet Herb and Kathy Baldwin.  They are Workamping at Pere Marquette Oaks Resort in Baldwin, MI.

The park is a condo community.  Everyone owns their own lot and they pay an association fee for the amenities that include water, sewer, heated swimming pool, hot tub, cable TV and Wi-Fi along with a nice party/picnic pavilion and a clubhouse.

Kathy cleans the two bathrooms and Herb takes care of the pool and hot tub.  They work 7 days on and 7 days off (alternating with another Workamper couple).  No rental office to man, no phone to answer, just the pool and bathrooms.

They get the site & all amenities along with $18/week for laundry.

I also received a response from Gary & Shawn Hage.  They are the lead hosts at the Cross Florida Greenway’s Ross Prairie Trailhead and Campground on the historic Cross Florida Barge Canal’s right of way. This park is considered the largest state park in Florida with 70,000 acres and 290 miles of trails!  They are also full-time employees at this park.

Gary and Shawna manage the campground office which includes checking guests in/out, along with weekly financial reports.  They also clean the sites between campers and perform light maintenance.  Their package includes a 40 hour per week salary each, full hookup site with utilities, and access to the state’s insurance package at the permanent employee’s rates.  Gary said other than that, you can find them sitting out next to the RV enjoying a break or working on his next book.

What a gig!  Sounds like a great job to me!

Our next Workamper is Mary Denison.  She is a camp host for Tiki RV Campground in Ignace, MI.  She is responsible for checking in/out guests and keeping up the flower garden in front of the office.  She said the park is completely booked for Memorial Day weekend.

Sounds like it’s going to be a busy summer for her!

Dick Krakowski and Rita Breyer are working the Visitor Center at Taylorsville Lake in KY for their second summer.

In addition to staffing the office on weekends, they clear trails, build things like bat boxes, help the Ranger patrol the lake and whatever the Rangers need help with. In return they get a private full hook up site.

Looks like a great place to spend the season!

Paul & Lois Mahowald are Workamping near Graham Creek in West Colorado.  They started out their Workamping job by cleaning up all 45 sites to get ready for the summer crowd.  They raked pine needles, cleaned the fire pits, and cleaned 5 bathrooms.

They go out on a golf cart 3 times a day to check the bathrooms for cleanliness and to stock any needed supplies.  They also check on campers and make sure everyone is ok and has what they need.

Check out is at noon and then they start their afternoon by cleaning up sites and checking for new campers.  They receive two days off a week but must work the weekends.  Paul & Lois really enjoy their Workamping job and call this park their home.

There you have it, folks! This is just a taste of Workamping is like.  There are many other jobs out there not related to campgrounds.  There are Christmas Tree Farms, Amusement Parks, Harvests, Shooting Ranges, Travel Centers, Transport, and a plethora of others!

You can see jobs like these and more by being a member of Workamper News.  Go to www.workamper.com and click Join to become a member today!

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