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It’s no secret that you won’t make a lot of money Workamping – so how do people live on the road exactly? Some do just fine with their Workamping jobs but others find they need more funds for those extra bills they are paying off or just want to start saving for retirement or build a nest egg – no matter the reason – there are plenty of options out there.

One of the more popular ways they supplement their Workamping jobs is with a small business. More often times than not, they eventually are able to run their small business full time and have complete freedom of where & when they decide to travel to next – what kinds of small businesses can you do on the road?

I’m glad you asked! You’re only limited to what you want to do! Pull up a cuppa joe and relax while we peruse a few avenues that will help you supplement your income out on the road.

  1. You can Vlog. What is a vlog? It’s like a blog, but on video. So, if you don’t mind being on camera and talking on camera, you can vlog your experiences and post them on YouTube and earn a bit of revenue from it. It’s not a lot and it usually takes quite a while to even begin to make any money, but with persistence & consistency, you’ll have some extra cash flowing in no time! RV SWAT – RV Seasonal Work and Travel are Workamper News members and they review Workamping jobs they have picked up through our services. They have more on their channel but Workamping is the main subject. Great couple! We got to meet them for the first time this year at Rendezvous.

2. You can clean RVs! Another of our Workampers supplements their travels with his own RV Cleaning business. You can find out more at

3. Become an RVing Lifestyle Ambassador! This program was designed Steve Anderson, owner of Workamper News to help RVers fund their travels and have a small business with some great tax exemptions. Workampers Mike & Betty Gill share their experience about how they became Workampers and now they have been Ambassadors for 2 years in the video below. RV SWAT just became Ambassadors this month and we can’t wait to see how they are going blow up that business!

Ambassador’s will have the ability to earn income from multiple companies. Not only will you be helping your fellow RVer, you will be living the American Dream to earn income and have added tax savings benefits you didn’t have before you became an Ambassador. Learn more at

As an RVing Lifestyle Ambassador you will be provided with resources to share and educate the RVer on many key topics and programs that are already in operation, along with new ones that will be added in the future.

One of the best ways to have more freedom to travel where you want, when you want, and stay as long as you want is by having a small business you can run part-time right from your RV as you travel. And it is for this reason that we have teamed up with the Ziglar corporation.

At the recent Workamper Rendezvous, we were joined by Tom Ziglar (proud son of American legend Zig Ziglar) and his business partner Howard Partridge. They presented a new, exciting resource: Small Business RVer. We want to empower you to make more money and save on taxes so you can travel the country!

You’ll get free tips to show you how to run a profitable business right from your RV!

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There you have it…an introduction to just a few of the many options out there to help supplement your income on the road. Here are some honorable mentions:

  • Make Crafts & Sell on Etsy
  • Painting
  • Direct Sales

Safe Travels!


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