The Arrival of a Game Changer… The SONDORS Fold E-Bike!

While putting the finishing touches on the Workamper Rendezvous Live event, while in Heber Springs during the month of October, I was contacted by a company you may have never heard of- SONDORS. Turns out they changed the game with the release of an affordable well built e-bike a few years ago, and had recently done the same with the highly anticipated release of their new folding e-bike!

I was thrilled to speak with them about their products and their brand story. I love new products that can deliver ease to the RV industry and this was the e-bike to do just that! I warmly welcomed their offer to send me SONDORS fold to test out, and eagerly awaited its delivery!

When the bike arrived- everyone in the office was in shock by the size of the box.


SONDORS Fold Unboxing

I left it in the back hallway outside my office, for about a week before I even had a chance to think about opening it up! Once I decided the big day was here, I enlisted some help from cheerful office staffer- Shannon! (She’s always up for fun and just happen to be the only one with a toolkit, which we needed to get the box open…) Hi Shannon!



She got really excited and kind of took over, so I just stood back and let her have at it! It was a pretty big job. She had fun doing. And I had fun watching.

Once we (yes we) got the box open the contents were just as exciting!

The bike was packaged up tightly with zip ties and tons of packing foam and cardboard- some assembly would definitely be required!She lifted the well packaged bike up and out and we just kind of starred at each other for a few moments, like what now!


To be honest it was a bit intimidating, but the awesome factor erased the slight apprehension and we proceeded to unpack with the intent on putting it together, right then and there.


As we cut away at the zip ties and the foam sheets, we realized the front tire would need to be put on and what looked like brakes came in pieces along with a the LCD screen and odometer!

I knew right then- I would not be getting on this e-bike if Shannon and I put it together. Wasn’t gonna happen! This was a project for my beloved husband- who would take the time to actually watch the assembly video and make sure it was built properly. So we packed it up and put it into my trunk to take home later…

Later that night, we tested it quickly in the campground and it was a blast. Smooth ride and definitely a show stopper. I was exhausted, but people wanted to know what it was and how much it cost. After about an hour- I packed it up and went to bed!

The next day!

Antwon had the bike charged and in the trunk for me to take to the office the next morning. (Thanks babe!) I parked over at the community center, where the Rendezvous was taking place and went about the morning helping make sure seminars were running smoothly. At lunch- instead of driving 2 minutes to the office, I took the bike out of my trunk and hopped on.


Yes! This was really happening! I rode over to the office- which took a little while longer than the 2 minutes by car, but I was outdoors. I was getting exercise and fresh air. And guess what- I wasn’t tired when I got there! As a matter of fact- I didn’t even break a sweat. I knew right then this was a game changer.

I’m not really lazy, okay well maybe a little. But in my mind I like the idea of being outdoors and going for bike rides or varying lengths. I wanted to ride my bike, you know like my regular bike, the one I purchased from a retailer about 3 years ago, that I usually just park behind the camper or under the awning! But I didn’t. I might get on it every now nd then for a short ride, but after about 10 minutes- I’d be over it. I felt tired when I rode it, my legs hurt, and according to my husband- I stopped to frequently to take water breaks.


This bike was different. This bike was better. I could ride comfortably for 30 minutes to an hour, sometimes more, without even thinking about stopping. This was the start of something big. I could see myself riding this bike daily and never get tired! This was  my answer to getting exercise that was not only fun, but easy. I love it!

Stay tuned for more blogs and stories about my adventures with the SONDORS Fold and if you are in the market for an affordable and RV friendly e-bike, head to SONDORS to grab one for the holidays!

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