Steps to a Quick Hook Up…For Your Campsite

In today’s blog, you are going to learn how to set up your campsite.  You may want to change the order, or it might be completely different if you have a Class A, Class C,  Van, etc.  This tutorial is really for beginners and how to cut some time in setting up.  The first few times it will take a while but once you do it over and over, you can get camp set up in a matter of minutes.  Practice makes perfect!

I came across this cute little vlog on YouTube called Long Long Honeymoon.  I’ve watched a few of their videos and they are such a cute couple!  They have tons of videos on how to do so many things in the RV Lifestyle.  I highly recommend you check them out!

Locate the Sewer Hookup – Position your camper so you know it will reach!  You may want to purchase an extension since campgrounds are not uniform and you may find the sewer hookup further from your rig than expected.  Totally optional.

Level Your Rig (Side to Side) – This helps if your bed is sideways in the RV instead of with the head at the end of the camper.  Make sure your feet and head are level or at least your head is slightly elevated above your feet.  Do this before you unhitch anything!

Wheel Chocks –  These keep your rig from rolling away.  These are helpful when you are parked near the beautiful cliffs or next to that gorgeous river.

Unhitch – Oops…they are off on their numbered steps.  That’s ok!  Still a great video. Even though this video is for a travel trailer, this is great information to know.  Plus, he’s great at explaining the steps.  Once you unhitch, then you can level front to back.

Unfold Step and Clear the Area –   Once you watch the video below, you’ll understand WHY this is very important and is included in the step by step process.

Hook Up the Hookups – Water and electric.  You may need a water pressure regulator.  Be sure to watch the video for this crucial step!  So what do you do if you have a 50 amp and they only have 30 amp?  Very important stuff!  Don’t forget your sewer donut too!  It is an essential because they could be required in the campgrounds, and they also help with the smellies.

Lower Your Scissor Jacks – This helps to keep the rig from rocking so much.  Hint – make sure you have a power drill to make this step easier.

Chairs, Awning, Grill, Rug, Etc –  When you set out your awning, make sure you are clear of trees and only leave it out when you are at your rig.  You never know when a storm may blow in.

RELAX – Camping can be a lot of work!  In the beginning you may feel like it’s too much work! Give it time and practice. You’ll be a pro before you know it.  If you can, divide up the steps and you can get it done even quicker!

Check out their full video below.  This was so helpful to me.  I feel like I’ve gone from novice to almost professional!  Thanks guys!

Safe Travels – Robyn

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