A summer before we left on our trip I had purchased an inexpensive Master Chef Portable BBQ on sale 50% off. The intention was to bring this along on camping trips but we never used it, so it came along with the trailer. It is a cheap unit so I didn’t have high expectations but it’s worked out great so far. The only downside is that it uses those tiny portable propane cylinders which are really expensive compared to full BBQ tanks and also not recyclable so not so great for the environment.

Our trailer has a quick connect propane outlet that draws propane from the two 30 lb propane tanks at the front of the trailer. I wanted to use this propane for the BBQ instead of constantly needing to replenish the portable cylinders. The propane tanks at the front of the trailer already have a regulator that takes high pressure propane and turns it into low pressure for the trailer’s stove and heater systems. Because the BBQ comes with a regulator that is also designed for high pressure, I needed to switch this out for a low pressure regulator or not enough propane would come through to the BBQ to make it work properly.

So to complete the conversion I needed two parts from Amazon:

  • Quick Connect Propane Hose
  • Control Valve with Quick Connect

The installation couldn’t be any simpler and took only 5 minutes. I just needed to loosen the nut holding the old regulator on the BBQ and remove it, then hand tighten the nut for the new low pressure regulator in its place. Then it was just a simple matter of connecting the quick connect hose to the propane outlet under the trailer and to the new regulator. Voila!  No more portable cylinders.

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