8 Tips for Free RV Parking at Wal-Mart

Today’s blog is about overnight parking at Wal-Mart.  We know many RVers who do this and if they feel safe, by all means, go for it!  Sometimes, you do what you gotta do!

We are referencing YouTubers – Long Long Honeymoon – for this information and as always, they do a fantastic job.

Without further ado…take it away Sean & Kristy!

Tip #1

You Can’t Always Park Where You Want. Some Wal-Marts do not allow overnight parking.  Areas such as the north east, CA, some places in Flagstaff, AZ.

Tip #2

When in Doubt – Call ahead and ask the local store’s policy.

Tip #3

If a Town Doesn’t Welcome RVs, Move Along to One that Does

If you stop somewhere for the night, be appreciative and spend some money and be respectful.

Tip #4

In a Parking Lot…Far, Far, Away. Park away from the big rigs and the front door.

Tip #5

Best Practice: Arrive Late, Depart Early. Avoid the traffic and stay out of the way.

Tip #6

They Never Unhitch at the Store. Only in an emergency!

Tip #7

Moderation in All Things – Including Slide Outs. Use discretion, don’t impede the flow of traffic.

Tip #8

Can I Run My Generator – Yes…IF…your generator is an inverter generator.

Wal-Mart parking lots are private.

Leave no trace! Use the Scout law – Leave it better than you found it!

Wal-Mart in general tends to be the safest. Plus most of them have free WiFi.

Be safe. Be smart.

You can view the full video below –

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