RVers are Bloggers too!

This week’s blog is about other RVers and their websites/blogs! Here are a couple of great sites that have some awesome content, reviews, and links to some nifty items. 

First up is https://campaddict.com/

Marshall Wendler & Kelly Beasley run this site and they have been full-time RVers since 2014-2015.  Kelly is a great writer and Marshall is the technical brains of the operation. They have reviewed a lot of RV accessories and necessities.  There are tons of how-to’s and how-not-to’s on their page.

Take a peek at their site and you’ll spend hours reading their vast knowledge of information from electrical to plumbing to even their review of Discount Camping RV Clubs in 2019

This blog post got my attention for sure!

This Epic, Easy RV Shower Hack Will Blow Your Mind

By: Kelly Beasley

Do you know this shower hack? Hardly anyone does. We actually feature two here. One is common (bonus material). The other, hardly ANYBODY knows about! Behold… your favorite new tiny change. It will make a BIG impact!  Click the title to read all about it 😊

You can also check out Henley’s Happy Trails 

Henley’s Happy Trails is great website that Levi and Natalie Henley started to share their travels with their friends and family and the world! It has expanded to so much more!

Read along as they travel the US and tell all about their adventures, job experiences, & share photos.

You can read all about RV tips, pet care tips, and reviews about RV parks and campgrounds. They even have a YouTube channel!

Dry Camping and Travel Tips with Levi: Episode 10

In this  blog post and short video, Levi talks about boondocking and staying overnight at casinos for free.

Check them out, they have a lot of good information on their site and check out their Trail Guide.  There’s a map of where they have been with reviews on restaurants, parks, and attractions they’ve visited.

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