RV Life Two Weeks In

It’s been a little over two weeks since we started this fulltime RV adventure and actually a lot has happened.  Here it is in a quick run on sentence: Laundromats insane wind storms water heater discoveries leaking sinks our Big Move and learning to ride a bike.

Let’s start with Laundromats:

Now, I must admit that selling my amazing front loading washer and dryer to move into our new RV home was probably one of the hardest things I had to do. I actually hugged and kissed them goodbye.  

What’s better than your own washer and dryer? You can let all the clothes pile up for days, or weeks even, then occasionally do a load or two if you’re felling frisky…am I right?

Well I’m telling you now I was wrong. Having a washer and dryer is definitely a luxury and since I’ve visited the laundromat I’ve never seen more clean clothes in my life!  Every bit of clothing gets washed, dried, and folded before you go home.  How amazing is that?! Haha ?

The only downsides to the laundromat are finding one that is cleaned regularly, having to fight (or wait in line) for the triple load washer so you can speed up your wash time, and running into ladies who obviously despise children and keep giving you the look of death every time one of them speaks.  Other than that laundromats are great!

Insane Wind Storms: 

Have you ever been all bundled up during a storm sipping your hot chocolate staring out the window at the gusty winds outside just feeling comfortable and at peace? Well living in an RV through a storm is nothing like that.

Currently we are staying by a lake, which is beautiful, but when the winds starting kicking up it literally felt like ten guys on either side of our house pushing it back and forth.  It was insane!

Pinecones rolling around on the roof, the stove exhaust vent flap rattling, and the constant rocking motion almost made us feel like we were sailing the high seas.  Our poor Alex and Els were concerned with every little sound they heard.  After the second day in wind storm of the century we started getting used to it.  The rocking became more like gentle pushing and actually helped to put me to sleep.  We survived the storm, and I’m sure we are in for more exciting ones in the future, but for now I will take this as a good test run.

Wind Blown. AHHHH!

Water heater discoveries:  

We figured out ours can run off electric AND propane! This was quite the discovery for us cause we were running through propane like nobody’s business.  So we threw a small dance party, jumped for joy, and flicked the electric water heater switch on and let our worries fade away.

Leaking sinks:

We encountered our first big water leak last week.  We recently installed a new kitchen faucet and were pretty proud and excited to install it ourselves. Whoohoo DIY! Well, we figured out maybe it is best to get a plumber or professional to do the jobs you’ve never done before. Especially when dealing with water or electric. 

We were having a nice lunch hanging outside when I noticed water dripping out of the corner of my eye.  It was running all along the bottom of the RV near the stairs.  Unfortunately the leak went into one of the storage compartments that was holding all of our holiday keepsakes.  We had to spend the rest of the day sorting them out and either tossing them or leaving them out to dry.  It was a little bit of a sad loss, but we were lucky to find the leak when we did cause nothing had become moldy yet.  Its all cleaned up now, fixed shiny and new.  My suggestion: double and triple check your DIY work before feeling like it’s complete.

Our Big Move:

We were put into a nice “little” spot with a lake view and we enjoyed it for the first week, beautiful sunsets and all.  Then the first weekend came and we got neighbors. Their rig was so close to ours that we got a very nice view of their lovely poo hose right out our kitchen window.  The whole weekend we had to avoid outside eating just in case we would catch a whiff of that amazingly close hose.  It wasn’t the best, but it did make us search around for our new land and finally make our first big move, and let me tell you it was the easiest moving day I have ever experienced in my life.  I loved it!! Pick up your things, unhook, drive around the corner, hook up, un fold your chairs and kick back to enjoy the rest of the day.  Moving now rocks! Our New Land!! Minus Poo Hose Obstruction. ?

Learning To Ride A Bike:  

Last but not least was the most exciting thing that happened since we moved into our RV.  Our six year old son Alex learned to ride his bike without training wheels!  We were so very proud of his accomplishment and now he is an old pro cruising around the campground with all the other kids.  They grow up so fast.

Proud Parents ?

It was an eventful first couple of weeks here on our adventure.  Some ups and downs, but all in all I am so very happy to be close to my family daily.  Sharing memories, making new friends, and building our life together, always.  Stay tuned for next week’s adventure report, where I’ll be talking about what we do for work, and how that all works out! 

Until next time, always remember, one story loves you!!

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