Rendezvous 2019

Lifestyle Seminars

Join up to 250 fellow RV enthusiasts for a variety of seminar sessions on topics ranging from how to get started RVing & Minimalist Travels to Finding Jobs on the Road, Healthcare for RVers, Budgeting for RV Life and much, much more!

Rendezvous 2018 Overview

Job Fair & Vendors Market

 Visit the Job Fair & Vendor Market Friday morning to meet with Workamping Employers and RV Vendors. Speak with employers about their program details, find out how to apply or just drop off your resume! Some employers will be recruiting on-site! RV vendors will also be on-site to speak with attendees regarding their products and services. Use this time to get details and information or just do a little shopping!

Workshops & Bonus Days

Dive deeper into topics of your choice, in a variety of both Free & Paid Presenter-led Workshops on Friday, October 25th. These small session workshops are a great way to get specific details, guidance, and more personal information on your favorite topics.

Seminars Led by Lifestyle Experts

  • The Small Biz Rver
  • RVing Lifestyle Ambassadors
  • 7 Ways to Save on Full-Time RV Travel
  • Your Workamper Toolbox
  • Finding Jobs for RVers
  • An Introduction to RV Inspection
  • Technology for Travelers
  • Embracing Minimalism and Tiny Footprints
  • All Things Dcomicile
  • From Retired to Business Owner
  • Volts, Amps & Purple Monkeys
  • RV Health Insurance
  • Living Easy in Your RV Kitchen
  • A Millennial Perspective to Life on the Road
  • RV Batteries & What You Need to Know
  • Fitting the Stuff You Need into Your Home on Wheels
  • All About Skymed
  • How to Make Purchasing an RV a  Pleasant Experience

5 days of educational RV lifestyle seminars & workshops to get you started and keep you going! Some attendees will have been RVing for years while others will still be in the planning stages! Regardless of where you are in your RV adventure, you will receive valuable information from the amazing lifestyle experts and industry professionals we have lined up this year


  • Workamper Bootcamp
  • Ambassador Training Day
  • Smartphone Photography & More
    $40/$30 Geeks on Tour Members
  • Budgeting for Full-Time RV Travel
    $40 per person
  • How to RV
    $75/person $125/couple
  • Practical Guidance for Decluttering & Downsizing
    $20/person 25% off for partner

Register Today! Tickets starting at $157 per person. Learn More and register online at or call 800-446-5627

See you in October!


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