Organization In Your RV

You know by now  how much I adore Long Long Honeymoon on YouTube, this next video does not disappoint! This time they talk about storage and how to organize before your next big trip.  They know their stuff and have some great ideas and tips on storage preparing for your next trip!

First on the agenda – declutter from the last trip and clean up.  Clean out the fridge and pantry. Throw out expired food and then start cleaning.

You can find storage in unusual places like under the edge of the couch and in the corners under your bed.  Some places may not be convenient so only use those for things you don’t have to access very often.

Use plastic bins to organize inside the cabinets to keep items from stacking up all over the place. This will help with stuff moving around too.

Keep your headlamp & tools by the door for easy access when you need to go out and do any adjustments, especially after dark.

Add a decorative rack or command hook for hats, jackets, robes, or towels.

One tip I thought was genius – if you have those rough walls get some Velcro and add to your remote control and then just hang it on the wall. Awesome tip!

These zipper storage cubes look like the perfect bag to store anything in! And they are flat and have more flexibility on where to store them.  These shoe bags are also amazing.  You can also hang the shoe bags up if you have room.

Color code your storage containers.  One idea is to color code by person or you can color code by items.

Place pantry items inside air tight bins.  This helps keep the bugs and ants out and keeps it fresher longer.

Storage ottoman – this is a great idea if you have room.  I like to prop my feet up too when I’m watching a movie.  It’s a good place to hold all your Workamper News magazines too. 😉

Add lighting in the overhead storage bins. This helps at night and these lights only come on when you open the door and go off when you close it.


Pack a tool kit for the tow vehicle and store it where it’s easily accessable.

Long Long Honeymoon did a great job on this video.

They have links to some of these items on their video.  I’m definitely looking into the storage bags and lights.

My prepping list keeps growing!  Wait…I don’t want to have to declutter before my first trip!

See the full video below!

Safe travels!



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