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Everyone knows about Facebook Groups – if you are on Facebook.  Some are members of so many groups that they can’t keep up or don’t even remember being a member!

Workamper News just went social full-time back in April and we haven’t looked back since.  What a whirlwind!

I agreed to be the new Social Media Manager for this wonderful company and I must say, it can be challenging but, wow.  I do love it!  I’m learning new things everyday!  You can find us on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+ along with Facebook.

You wouldn’t know it by my own Facebook presence but I’m a bit of an introvert. It’s so much easier to say what you mean in writing sometimes.  I find myself at home, lying in bed, checking comments, responding to members and congratulating those that have upgraded to Gold and can really begin their journey to Freedom.  I love helping with Resumes and giving advice on how to use the website and much more!

We have two Facebook Groups associated with Workamper News.

The Gold Members Group – You must be a Gold member to be invited to this group. After you receive the link to join the group, you will be asked 3 questions about the RVing lifestyle and you will have to provide your Workamper News member # or email address for verification.  Approval usually takes a few minutes to a few hours depending on the time of day.

What is so special about the Gold Members group anyway?

The networking is amazing.  Everyone who is active in this group is quick to help answer questions and give advice – positive or even the cold hard truth!

I post daily in this group from resume tips to Social Share Friday where I ask all members to post their blogs, vlogs, or share their small businesses to help each other out on the road.

I even post Hotline jobs hot off the press a few times a week.

We are a positive group and the comradery is better than any other group I have been in.

Now, I don’t run these ships alone.  This group has almost 2,000 Gold members and keeping up with comments and posts and messages is a lot!  Dana Rose helps me so much.  We share an office together and She is  the admin over the RV Lifestyle Ambassador program, and Steve’s right hand.  She is wonderful at helping me keep the ships in tip top shape!

Are you a Gold member but not a member of our Gold Members group?  You can ask to join here –  Gold Members Group

You can also add your spouse, partner, or whomever you share a Gold membership with.  Just be sure they have the Gold member # or the email address associated with your account ready when they join.

The Intros Group – This is the biggest group.  This is a such a fun group.  It’s full of dreamers and seasoned Workampers! We have over 4,000 members in this group and it’s growing by the hour!  This group is open to everyone interested in the RVing lifestyle – so share away!

The seasoned and not so seasoned Workampers have been a tremendous help to those researching the lifestyle and we do appreciate their help!

In the last few weeks, I have been on Facebook live answering questions, we had a contest for a free 1-year gold membership, and soon we will be adding more fun activities!  Just a few we have already been doing are – post pics of your rig and tell us what you named it, post a pic of your fur babies, show us a Gif of your summer so far, etc.  We have a lot planned and would love for you to join us! Some things in the works include – giveaways, scavenger hunts, caption this and more!

Just like the Gold Members group, you will be asked 3 questions before joining.  We want to make sure you are truly interested in the RVing lifestyle and ready to be educated and on your way to Freedom!

Join the Intro Group here – Workamper Intros Facebook Group

One last thought!

Are you coming to Rendezvous this October?  Facebook Group Members who attend Rendezvous will receive some extra game cash to spend on auction items.  Closer to Rendezvous time, I will be checking attendees to see if you are a member of the groups, if so…you can pick up your cash at the Social Media booth at Rendezvous!

You can find out more about Rendezvous and the Workampopoly game at www.workamperevent.com

Join us? Shall you?

Safe Travels…



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