Facebook Groups Are Where It’s At!


Hello everyone!  I really couldn’t decide on what to post this week.  There are so many topics to choose from, but I’ve been busy with one in particular.  Facebook.

My goodness!  Our Workamper Groups are hopping!  Workamper News has two groups for Workamper Members – An Intro group and a Gold group.

The Workamper Intro Group is for anyone interested in Workamping or the RV Lifestyle.  You do not have to be a member of Workamper News to be in this group.  We have a lot of fun in there.  Today, I posted a fun Trivia Quiz.  We give discounts on the website, promo codes to upgrade to Gold on our website, I go live to answer questions or do tutorials, giveaways, and more!

Not to mention all the networking that goes on in the group!  Everyone is so helpful and answers everyone’s questions so earnestly.  The RV world is a great place and I’m lucky to be a part of it.  I can’t wait to purchase my own RV one day and get out there with you all!

If you are not in the Intros Facebook Group, you can join here – Workamper Intros Facebook Group

Be sure to invite your friends and family to join as well.  Who knows, you might get them hooked too!

The Workamper Gold Members Group is for all Gold members only.  Once you become a Gold member, you will get an invite in a day or so via email to join the Gold Members Group.  You will need your member # or email address associated with your account to be accepted because we verify all members through our website.  Only Gold can be in this group!

This group is amazing as well.  We have daily posts such as Mechanical Monday for you share what projects you are working on and get advice, Way Back Wednesday where I share anything vintage in the RV industry, and my favorite is Social Share Friday.  I ask all members to share their small businesses, blog, or vlogs so we can support each other.

I’ll also post a Hotline ad every now and then as soon as we get them in, group members may be the first to see it!  I go live to answer questions, give tutorials, etc.

We have done a giveaway, we have promos going on continuously for renewing your subscription, and the networking is also amazing here as well.

Both groups have popular topics organized into Units and you can search those for answers to your questions.  I continually add posts in there for your convenience.

Are you a Gold member but haven’t taken advantage of joining the Facebook Group?  You can join here.  You can also add your spouse/partner that you Workamp with or have a Gold membership with.  Make sure they have access to your member # or email address associated with your Gold account for verification.

Don’t forget about our Business Page too!  There are tons of announcements twice a day and we post fun interactive questions too.

I hope to see you online soon!

Safe Travels,


Robyn Author

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