Spasm Tour: Getting to Alaska

By Jon Hockersmith – Workamper This week’s blog is taken from the September/October 2018 issue of Workamper News. Workamping full-time for nearly ten years, our usual seasonal migrations could be considered typical for many Workampers – a summer job in a relatively cool location and a winter job in a warm, sunny spot with a fun road trip […]

Rendezvous 2019

Lifestyle Seminars Join up to 250 fellow RV enthusiasts for a variety of seminar sessions on topics ranging from how to get started RVing & Minimalist Travels to Finding Jobs on the Road, Healthcare for RVers, Budgeting for RV Life and much, much more! Job Fair & Vendors Market  Visit the Job Fair & Vendor […]

Solo – Party of One

by Sharee Collier, Director of Operations of Workamper News, Inc Today’s blog is an excerpt from our March/April issue in 2018. So many people are ready to embark on the journey of Workamping and there are more now than ever going solo…our Director of Operations, Sharee Collier, interviewed several solo Workampers for this issue and […]

How to Enjoy the RV Lifestyle Now – By Workamping!

by Workamper News Today’s blog is an article out of the archive from Workamper News. We have so many new people asking questions daily – like what in the world is a Workamper? This article will explain Workamping and will probably get you ready to hit the road…spring is tomorrow and the weather is finally […]

RV Vlogs – Part 2

This week, on RV Vlogs – I share with you more RV vloggers that will tell you like it like it is – the good and the bad. Join me for part 2 – shall you? Our first vlog is Less Junk More Journey. Join Nathan & Marissa and their daughter Hensley as they tour […]

Fall in Love with RV Living

Looking To Hit The Road In 2019? Check out the newest RV book for dreamers who want to know how to live the RV Life by Marc & Julie Bennett, the creators of the popular lifestyle blog RVLOVE called Living the RV Life: Your Ultimate Guide to Life On The Road! At just over 250 pages printed in full color, […]

How to Plan an RV Road Trip in Alaska And Work at The Same Time

Thank you to for being this week’s guest blog!   Check out this information from and start planning today! If you were to ask any RVer in North America where their ultimate RV adventure would take them, Alaska would come up far more often than not. Alaska is the quintessential RV destination for many RVers […]

RV Vlogs – Part 1

This week I decided to talk about YouTube vloggers.  A co-worker and I discovered we watch a few of the same ones and I have my mom hooked on one as well.   In this series I’m sharing our favorites, along with some of your favorite vloggers as well.  Join us – shall you? Our first […]

Adventures With A Purpose

Volunteer with the RV Disaster Corps in times of disaster. This week’s blog is from the current issue of Workamper News.  It won’t be long before the spring storm season is up on us and then hurricane season right behind that!  Plus, there are still areas effected by previous disasters that still need help.  If […]

9 Steps to Get Your Workamping Jobs

Using the following steps will help you gain confidence in your Workamping job search. While each step is not necessarily hard to complete, they are each equally important and will take some time to accomplish. Researching employers isn’t always the most fun task, but you will be glad you did. By Sharee Collier – Director […]