12 Steps to Finding a Workamping Job – Part 1

by Workamper News 1.  To fully understand the amazing variety of opportunities available in campgrounds, theme parks, tourist attractions and a thousand other venues, we strongly recommend that you read every opportunity in Workamper News magazine, the online Workamper Hotline web page*/email and various other job pages at Workamper.com  We also recommend that you read […]

Count The Perks!

by Jaimie Hall Bruzenak (former Workamper Viewpoint author and RV Lifestyle Expert) This article comes from an issue of Workamper News magazine. COPYRIGHT by Workamper News. IT IS A VIOLATION OF U.S. COPYRIGHT LAW TO PUBLISH, POST, BROADCAST OR PHOTOCOPY ANY PORTION OF THIS PUBLICATION. When evaluating job offers, don’t forget to count the value […]

Are You New to Workamping?

It’s finally spring! I think. Here in Heber Springs, Arkansas, at the headquarters of Workamper News, spring has been cool this year. I’m not complaining. The high humidity and 100 degree days will be here soon enough. My electric bill is liking it as well. Workampers are also heading to their summer jobs. If you’re […]

New Issue of Workamper News is Now Online!

The Jan/Feb 2018 Issue is now officially online for Diamond & Platinum Members!

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Woman sits at desk in front of window with ocean view

The issue features great articles on topics ranging from Workamping with an Ocean View – the ins and outs of Seal Rocks RV Cove (a Workamper Employer), to stories about Workamping Six Parks in Seven Months to prepare for a trip to Alaska. Read more about New Issue of Workamper News is Now Online!

3 Things You need to know about Workamping!

#1:  What is Workamping? We trademarked the word “Workamper” back in 1987.  Workamping is accomplished by individuals that travel the country and work. Some people try to limit the definition by saying, “Well, I’m only a Workamper if I’m working in a campground or if I live in an RV.”  That’s not technically the definition.  […]

Dream Job = Great 1st Impression

When interviewing Workampers, Employers have noted that many Workampers seemed quite ‘stiff’ when called upon for an open position. Employers have encountered everything from awkward phone interviews to incomplete resumes and inappropriate pictures.  There seemed to just be no status quo on what was expected and what is considered acceptable. Don’t miss out on your […]