Ask About The Perks!

As I sat here in my office trying to figure out what to write this week, I decided to take a look at a previous issue of Workamper News to spark some ideas.  I came across a great article by our friend, Jaimie Hall Bruzenak called ‘Count the Perks!’

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What are Perks anyway?

Perks are employee benefits you receive for Workamping that are beyond your wages.  Perks can come from your employer or from local businesses.

Jaimie discusses all the different kinds of perks that can be offered in her article.  (If you would like to read her article, it’s in the July/August 2014 issue.)  Gold members have access to this online in the Magazine Archive on the Dashboard.


If your electric is included, it’s a perk.  There are times it might not be included.  You could be billed or have an allowance.  Ask what a typical bill is if it’s not included.


Most places offer free Wifi now.  There are some that have a daily cost if they have fiber optics  and it’s reliable.  You can also request a site with a strong signal.


Laundry can get expensive on the road.  I know when I didn’t have a working washer or dryer at home, I used the laundry mat and it cost my family of 5 between $30-$40 a week.  We didn’t do this very long – to say the least.  Jaimie’s article explains you could spend up to $500 in laundry in a 6 month season.  Your new employer may give you free laundry.  If they do, be sure to ask how it works because you may be limited to certain days, receive tokens, or use certain machines.


If there is a restaurant at the park, see if you receive meals while on duty or even discounts.  They may have a meal plan available as well.


There are employers that offer discounts on propane and certain purchases in their stores.  It might not be a lot, but could save a trip to the nearest town.


If an employer has a golf course or rents boats, will you have access to these?


If they have a shuttle, is this included to use to go to attractions on your day off?

Local Discounts

Some businesses around the park may offer discounts to Workampers in the area.

There may be more that are not mentioned, but if an employer doesn’t mention any perks – ask nicely.  The worst they can say is no.  The best is you can have an even more enjoyable Workamping experience.

Thank you, Jaimie for a great article!

I hope you’re having the best season yet!

Safe Travels!



Robyn Author



    (September 8, 2018 - 11:44 am)

    I assume this resource is only for people who are allowed to work in the US?
    I am Canadian and will be travelling the USA for an extended time next year,


      (September 13, 2018 - 12:10 pm)

      Hi Mary, Canadians can Workamp in the US – but it’s a bit more complicated. If you want to work a for-profit business, you will need a permit, if you want to volunteer it’s a bit more easier. Usually when you volunteer, they provide full hook ups and maybe a few other perks. It varies from place to place. A great place to start is to google the National Parks website. Good luck! – Robyn

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