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It’s finally spring! I think. Here in Heber Springs, Arkansas, at the headquarters of Workamper News, spring has been cool this year. I’m not complaining. The high humidity and 100 degree days will be here soon enough. My electric bill is liking it as well.

Workampers are also heading to their summer jobs. If you’re still in the planning phase, keep this blog post in mind when you start interviewing and applying for your first Workamping job.  It’s a bit wordy for a blog, but it has great information!

We love talking to our customers about the Workamping lifestyle. Hearing how excited you are about this new adventure to freedom really makes our day.

There are 3 questions we get asked frequently that stick out the most and I thought, what better way to get these answered than straight from the experts.

I contacted several of our Workamper Employers and asked them to provide their answers to 3 common questions.  Just an FYI – these employers have listed help wanted ads with us recently.

  • What three main qualities do you look for in the ideal Workamper?
  • Do you have an age limit on the year of model of Workamper’s RV, if so, why?
  • What advice can you give a first time Workamper looking for their first job?

American Land & Leisure has been in the business for over 20 years, and currently maintains more campgrounds on Federal lands than any other concessionaire in the United States, with contracts from California to West Virginia. Find more information about them on their website –

I sent these questions to Kyley Moody who is in Human Resources and is the Recruiting Manager for American Land & Leisure. Here is what he said:

As far as qualities, we look for attitude (this is a how they respond to work related questions, if they don’t like it now they won’t like it then), previous experience (did they complete past jobs), and physical/mental capacity (can they do the work).

There are no age limits on a rig however, the rig needs to be in good condition (approachable), no major dents or rust, paint isn’t coming off or heavily faded. (We regularly ask for pictures of the rig). We are a representative of the forest service. People need to be comfortable approaching the rig because guests regularly knock on our employee’s doors.

Advice – Do your research and fulfill your commitment. I have a lot of people that will never work for my company again, because they cancelled or left early.

Sundance 1 RV Resort – Sundance 1 is located in Casa Grande, AZ and is a 700 site RV Resort with Park Model Rentals and sales. Check out their website for more information –

Pam Koehn answered the questions for Sundance 1. She usually sends Workamper News their help wanted ads. Here is what they look for in Workampers:

Qualities include flexibility, honesty, and experience in whatever job category we are hiring for work.

She stated they don’t usually hold the 10-year rule for our Workampers as long as the RV looks to be kept in nice condition.

Pam also gave great advice for a first time Workamper – Be willing to take on duties you wouldn’t normally do just to get your feet wet. A lot of employers aren’t willing to hire first timers, but if they say they are willing to clean bathrooms, to us that shows they are willing to help in any degree needed.

I also heard back from Lost Alaskan RV Park.  Don’t let the name fool you!  They are located in Alpine, TX which is on the southwestern side of the state.  Find out more about this lovely park here –

Shazlyn was kind enough to include her input as well:

She said their three main qualities include a positive attitude, willingness to learn, and be team players. Workampers can be trained, so experience isn’t needed. Age isn’t a factor either. We love people from all generations. We can definitely learn form them all! We want people who want to be apart of our unique park family, who are happy to be here and are willing to learn.

We do not have an age limit on rigs. We do however ask that your rig be in good shape. No FEMA trailers, busted out windows, etc. We are a 10+ rated park with Good Sam and we do like to give our guests a great impression of our park. We have had some gorgeous vintage trailers in our park, and we welcome them.

Her advice for a first time Workamper is to be open-minded and be willing to try new places and learn new things.


Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp Resort at Barton Lake, Inc.-  This park is located in Fremont, IN and has been in business for more than 50 years. They were named one of the 9 best US campsites for families. Impressive 😉  Check them out here –

Susie Redmond sent her answers to us and they were awesome as well…

She started out with their three main qualities –

  • Passion – We search for people who are passionate and excited about life, their jobs, people, and especially children. Our resort centers around families and helping them create positive life-long memories. The Workampers and staff are also creating life-long memories.
  • Dependability – We are a high-volume resort and must have people that we can count on when they make a commitment. This includes fulfilling their work schedule once they arrive.
  • Flexibility – We strive to keep people in the departments in which they were hired. However, because we are a team-oriented business, we need to be willing to work wherever there is a need. We all know that life happens and sometimes we need to be willing to do whatever it takes to make sure everything gets done.

They do not have an age limit for RVs and realize there are many types of RVs.  However, they prefer that it be in good condition and request a photo of your RV.

Her advice for a first time Workamper includes keeping the experience an adventure.  Keep your mind open and have fun because every business is unique. Wherever you go, view Workamping as a part of the adventure and keep a positive attitude. Don’t forget; enjoy the ride!!

There you have it folks. Straight from the employers.  Most employers are looking for the same in Workampers – be courteous, dependable, flexible, and fulfill your commitments, but don’t forget to have fun!

I hope this advice helps you all, whether you are a new Workamper or a seasoned Workamper.

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Safe Travels!
– Social Media Manager, WKN Team

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