3 Easy Ways to Make Your Workamping Resume Better

Here at Workamper News, we have the opportunity to see a lot of Workampers’ resumes. Thousands of Workampers every year use our step-by-step Resume Builder tool (available to our Diamond & Platinum members) to help them create a resume geared towards the Workamping adventures they seek.

Even though our Resume Builder makes this process much more simple than just starting with a blank page, there is still the opportunity to stumble a bit if not enough care is taken.

Here are 3 easy ways to help your resume work better for you:

1. Space It Out

In our Resume Builder, one of the sections is called “Sell Yourself.” Here, a Workamper is encouraged to describe his/her objective, share his/her skills and experiences, provide some details about him/herself, etc.

Over the years, we’ve read some fabulously-worded text, but it is all ran together in one big paragraph. Even though everything may be spelled correctly and the grammar done to perfection – it’s an overwhelming block of text that an Employer may take one look at and think…”I ain’t reading all that.”

Break it up a bit:

  • Keep your paragraphs to about 2-4 sentences
  • Have defined sections with section headers
  • Instead of long sentences depicting abilities/skills – go with a bulleted list
  • Didn’t that make this part stand out and easier to read? : )

Need a visual of what we’re talking about? In the Sell Yourself section of our Resume Builder, click on the View Sample button.

2. Proofread Your Resume

This may seem silly to mention, but it’s an often-overlooked step! Once you feel like you’re “done” with your Workamping resume, please be sure to give it a thorough read.

You don’t want your resume to accidentally say something like, “I may not have much Workamping experience but I don’t bring a lot of other skills to the table.”

Be sure to double-check that your contact information was entered correctly. We’ve had some Workampers think their resume was unsuccessful because they were not receiving any responses, but the crux was they had a type-o in their email address so emails from Employers were not coming through.

3. Get Feedback From Friends/Family

Send your resume to a few friends or family members and have them read through it to find any snafus, plus give their opinion on its readability. They may see things that you do not.

There may also be something that, as-written, makes total sense to you, but not to others – especially if it includes lingo from a specific industry.

Sometimes it is difficult to “toot our own horn.” Someone who knows you will be able to give suggestions on adding in traits or qualities that just didn’t come to your mind or you felt self-conscious about including.

BONUS TIP! – If you are a 2-person team and making one resume that includes details on both individuals, please be sure to either write in the third-person (John has experience with… Jane was a…) or designate who the subsequent information is referring to (John: I have experience with… Jane: I was a…). This will ensure the reader knows what information on the resume applies to which Workamper.

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