12 Steps to Find a Workamping Job – Part II

In last week’s blog, we covered the first few steps on how to find a Workamping job.  This week we will wrap it up with the Workamper’s Formula.

Continue to enjoy photos of the beautiful Heber Springs area throughout the blog. 🙂

Spring Park – Nestled back off of Main St and downtown, this park has 7 natural springs with myths of healing dating back to Native Americans.

8. Do The Math!  When considering jobs that involve exchange of work hours for site, hookups, etc., we recommend you use the following formula to determine if the exchange meets your needs financially:

Value of the site (monthly or seasonal rate) + Hookups + Perks + Monthly wages or salary divided by hours worked per month = equivalent hourly wage.

The equivalent hourly wage at for-profit businesses should not be lower than the applicable minimum wage.

The competitive range for most jobs is between $8 and $15 an hour.  Any job that requires special skills or experience – or involves even minimal supervisory or managerial responsibility – should pay toward the higher end of the range or above.

Workampers should never “pay” more for their sites than a long-term customer would be charged.  In most cases, we currently recommend a maximum of 15 hours per week for a full hookup (water, electricity, sewer) at a site owned by a for-profit organization.  That’s a total of 15 hours per week per vehicle, regardless of whether the couple is splitting the hours or one individual is working all 15.

Obviously, some businesses feel they can justify more than 15 hours a week with additional perks, light duties, unique environment, etc.  Ultimately, it is up to each Workamper to determine if an offer meets his/her personal criteria for a fair exchange.

Part of Greers Ferry Lake

9.  Enjoy Yourself!  Remember, Workamping is about enjoying the RV lifestyle to its fullest.  We recommend that you base your final decision on your answers to the following questions:

Do I like the locations?

Do I like the duties?

Am I satisfied with the compensation being offered?

Do I like the employer?

Am I physically and psychologically suited for this job?

Sandy Beach is a hidden gem for the locals.

10. Keep your word.  Do not accept a position unless you are committed to fulfilling all aspects of the agreement.  When an agreement is reached, be sure to show up on the appointed day – the Employer is counting on you!

Sugarloaf Mt in the fall.

11.  Do your best!  The key factors in landing and keeping any job are preparation, attention to detail, flexibility, positive attitude, maturity, integrity and ability to get along with customers and colleagues.

Collins Creek runs unto the Little Red River and is located in JFK park.

12.  Start Preparing Now.  Sign up for a Gold membership at www.workamper.com and start researching.  We have everything you will ever need in place to prepare for the freedom you have longed for!

The Little Red River near the Swinging Bridge Resort

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