We made the lifestyle change

The Mooney family is a traveling family of four and our dog (Lilith) collectively known as the D20Nomads.(Check them out on Instagram!)  We made the lifestyle change to full time RVing in the spring of 2015 and never looked back choosing homeschooling over public schooling, wide open adventuring over narrow sheltered living, and free-thinking over following a prescribed path.  We are the kind of family who want to explore and experience the land and people around us.  As a younger family taking this journey, we have learned so much about what life has to offer.  We are always looking for new ideas and chances to grow, not only as people, but also our knowledge. Read more about We made the lifestyle change

An Affordable Way to Live

My husband and I began workamping in June of 2016. We were preparing to travel the country full-time in our RV. I’d recently quit my full-time job so we had some extra free time on our hands and needed an affordable way to live in northern New Hampshire while we both spent a summer playing music at Jean’s Playhouse – I was also the musical director. (Ross was also continuing his teaching studio, and I worked as the accompanist at a local church.) So I sent out emails to the local campgrounds. Read more about An Affordable Way to Live